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Small and medium business solutions

Adopt hybrid cloud object storage that adapts to your workload needs

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As a small and medium size business, you need to do more with less, and that’s what cloud is all about. It’s on-demand, always available, and requires almost no setup or capital expense. Cloud services expand as you need them and don’t cost an arm and a leg. With cloud technology, small and medium size businesses can compete with the big guys.

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Cloud servers from IBM

Compute options from high-abstraction to high-control single proc to quad proc, hex-core, and GPU-powered fully customizable to pre-config options.

Accelerate your business.

Improve your bottom line.

Build a virtual showroom in weeks

Check out how Bernhardt Furniture did just that. Complete with cloud

Build your bare metal server

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Build your virtual server

Deploy and scale cloud virtual servers now.

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

You know that cloud brings advantages, but how do you make the move to cloud without getting bogged down in complexity and costs? IBM and VMware have joined forces to simplify the process. Using our tools and technology, you can more easily extend your VMware workloads from your on-premises environment to the IBM Cloud. Configuration takes hours, not weeks. And you manage your workloads just as you do on-premises.

Capitalize on the benefits of cloud with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.

Head shot of BMSIX representative discussing their IBM cloud solution

Grow revenue, expand globally

That’s what cloud provider BMSIX did.

Expedite time to market and reduce IT costs

Migrate VMware workloads to cloud.

Consolidate legacy infrastructure

Explore data center consolidation.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

Implement data storage that provides the flexibility to handle any content and any need—using the same platform across your enterprise. Adopt hybrid cloud object storage that adapts to your workload needs.

Select from a broad portfolio of storage technologies—including block, file and object—to suit your workloads. Choose from a range of deployment options—including on-premises, cloud and managed by IBM.

Achieve massive scalability for any volume of data or any business need, either on premises or in the IBM Cloud data centers worldwide.

Enhance efficiency and reduce costs by using an intuitive, single pane of glass for storage management.

Making the cloud a big data opportunity

See how Datatility met demand.

Comparing storage services

See how IBM Cloud Object Storage stacks up to Amazon S3.

Analyst paper: Five Reasons for IBM Cloud Object Storage

Solve your data storage challenges.