What is Message Hub?

Kafka made simple and more. Apache Kafka is proven in many production environments. With IBM Cloud, your team can leverage a managed Kafka-as-a-service platform as a highly scalable, high-performing messaging backbone.   

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Message Hub benefits

Take advantage of a fully managed Kafka as a service platform for cloud

IBM Message Hub® is a hosted and fully managed Apache Kafka as a service. Kafka's sweet spot is as a high-throughout, low-latency event streaming pipeline. Using the rich ecosystem of open-source Apache Kafka APIs, you can deploy and take advantage of event streams, within seconds.

Deploy cloud apps fast and scale workflows easily

Whether you are building a new application or integrating existing ones, Message Hub allows you to deploy and manage real-time events streams for the IBM Cloud platform so that you can focus on building great applications. Your development teams can work in the language of their choice and can easily integrate applications and other cloud services like serverless functions and the IBM Watson® IoT platform.

Focus on insights, not infrastructure

With Message Hub, you benefit from simple and easy pricing, low latency and elastic scale. Easily bridge your application data to Cloud Object Storage services and take advantage of serverless events. As applications are integrated across event-driven workflows, you benefit from being able to focus on getting value from your data using Watson and other Cloud services available on the IBM Cloud platform.


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