Features and benefits

Scale up fast to stay ahead

It’s now easier to get your job done at a low cost.

Move data fast

Five lines with open squares on first two and bottom two, right arrow on middle one

Migrate up to 120 TB of data (at RAID-6) in just days.

Flexible and scalable

Cloud with open squares above it and inside it

Migrate data with flexibility to accommodate workload.


Outline of a hand holding money

Use IBM Cloud® Mass Data Migration for 50 USD per day.

Simple process

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Offload data with preconfigured device provided by IBM.


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Get high-security device design with tamper-resistant screws.

Secure erasure

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Ensure erasure of data from preconfigured devices.

How it works

  1. Create a request.
  2. Prep and ship. IBM ships a preconfigured device.
  3. Receive and connect. Connect to network and unlock encryption pool.
  4. Ingest and return. Ingest data onto device. Return to IBM.
  5. Offload and access. IBM offloads and provides access to data.
  6. Erase device. IBM erases data from device using NIST data wipe standards.

How clients use it

Data migration

Diagram showing steps in migrating data to the cloud

Data migration

Free up on-premises storage space, archive inactive data, or back up data with IBM Cloud Mass Data.

Data center decommission

Diagram showing steps in decommissioning data

Data center decommission

Move your sensitive data to the cloud as you downsize, expand or relocate your data center.

Limited bandwidth

Diagram showing how limited bandwidth situations could benefit from migrating to the cloud

Limited bandwidth

Consider this alternative for remote locations or for slow, cost-prohibitive over-the-network options.

Case study

Pricing and availability

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common questions and links to learn more

How do I start using IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration?

Use the IBM Cloud catalog to submit your request. When your request has been processed, the next available device or devices are configured and sent to you based on your network and shipping information.

In what regions are IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration available?

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration is currently available in the US, EU, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and South Korea. Online ordering is available in most regions, except Brazil and India. For any region without online ordering, contact an IBM customer representative to inquire about using the service.

Are there any shipping limitations for preconfigured devices required for offloading?

Devices cannot be shipped across international borders. For example, a device cannot be ordered in one region and shipped to another region, with the exception of the European Union.

How much data can I transfer using IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration?

Transfer a few terabytes or many petabytes — virtually no limit. Each device holds up to 120 TB of usable capacity at RAID-6. Use multiple devices for larger workloads. IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration also offers inline compression to further increase usable capacity depending on how compressible your data set is. The largest single object is limited to 10 TB.

How long does it take to transfer my data?

From when a customer submits a request to when data is accessible in their IBM Cloud® Object Storage bucket, the turnaround time can be days. Many factors may come into play, like networking, bandwidth or the number of files transferred. For example, transferring millions of small files takes longer than that amount of data contained in fewer, larger files.

How long can I have an IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration device?

You can keep a device onsite for up to 90 days before a member of the IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration team will reach out to you or your IBM customer representative. At that time, you may be asked to provide an estimated completion time frame or return the device to IBM. This is applicable to all regions.

Is IBM Cloud Object Storage the only supported offload destination?

Cloud Object Storage (COS) is currently the only supported offload destination. Additional expansion is under way. If you need to move your data elsewhere, please refer to our IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration guide documentation for instructions on alternative use cases and how to move data out of COS.

Can I use IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration to export my data out of the IBM Cloud?

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration supports the exporting of data out of the IBM Cloud.

How does IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration secure my data?

All IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration devices are housed in rugged and durable enclosures with specifically designed tamper-resistant screws. These waterproof, shockproof cases also have a tamper-resistant Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Data is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. Data transfer within IBM uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). For additional protection, users can encrypt data before copying to the device.

Where can I find IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration use case documentation?

New use case and tutorial documentation is created periodically. You can find links to available migration guides under the “Learn” section in the left sidebar of the IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration Docs page.

Where can I find a complete FAQ list for IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration?

A complete FAQ list can be found under the “Help” section in the IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration page.


*50 USD charges begin accruing the day a device arrives at your location and stop the day the device returns to IBM for offload.