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Deploy and run AI models with Watson Machine Learning

IBM Watson® Machine Learning helps data scientists and developers accelerate AI and machine learning deployment. With its open, extensible model operation, Watson Machine Learning helps businesses simplify and harness AI at scale across any cloud. Watson Machine Learning provides capabilities to help you:

  • Deploy models built with IBM Watson® Studio and open source tools
  • Dynamically retrain models
  • Automatically generate APIs to build AI-powered applications
  • Manage models through integration with IBM Watson OpenScale™
  • Streamline model management and deployment end-to-end with an easy-to-use interface

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IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data

Manage and analyze data and infuse AI on an open, fully integrated data and AI platform.

Watson Machine Learning simplifies and speeds deployment at scale

Moving beyond experimentation and maintaining production-level accuracy of AI models are still big challenges. Watson Machine Learning accelerates time to value of any models, with a projected ROI of 459% over 3 years, with payback in less than six months.1


find optimizing, sustaining and expanding AI capabilities challenging2


of AI pioneers are investing in the process to train algorithms3

Watson Machine Learning features

AutoAI: AI lifecycle management

Gain consistency and repeatability of end-to-end AI lifecycle management with AutoAI.

One-click deployment

When you are ready, save and select services to deploy. Get started with experimentation, evaluation and deployment.

Model Operations

Use a machine learning framework for saving, deploying and versioning models, and for deployment of infrastructure management.

Integrated UI end-to-end

Automate data prep, advanced data refinery and model explainability with Watson Studio and Watson Machine Learning.

Deploy any model at scale

Bring your favorite data science tools – open source, IBM SPSS® Modeler or Watson Studio.

Dynamic retraining

Enable continuous learning and automatically retrains your model to maintain model quality.

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What’s new with Watson Machine Learning

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On-demand webinar: Automate and operationalize AI

Learn how Watson Machine Learning and Watson OpenScale help you drive value from your AI.

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AutoAI playlist: Watson Machine Learning deployment

Browse AutoAI videos, products tours and hands-on labs.

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ESG white paper: Deploy decision optimization

Read decision optimization deployment with Watson Machine Learning.

Watson Machine Learning in action

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Train and deploy deep learning models for offline OCR (optional character recognition on mobile and embedded devices in record time.

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Caixa Geral de Depósitos France

Accelerate customer service with an innovative hybrid-cloud app enabled by machine learning.

→ AI robots in factory

KIST Europe

Explore how machine learning can automate quality management processes, reduce defect rates and save costs.

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Comparison Table

Compare features
  Watson Machine Learning Conventional ML tools
Multicloud on-prem deployment   
Integrated with AutoAI   
Prescriptive analytics solvers   
Visual data science deployment
Access to data preparation
Advanced data refinery   
Dynamic continuous learning   
Neural network search   
1-click open source deployment   
Automated AI lifecycle mgmt.   
Monitoring and debiasing   
Natural language integration   
Visual recognition service