What are load balancers?

You can load balance traffic among your servers to help improve uptime and easily scale your applications by adding or removing servers, with minimal disruption to your traffic flows.

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Load balancer features

Flexible features and pricing

Choose the load balancing features and pricing models best suited for your unique needs and workloads.

SSL offloading

Terminate SSL traffic and establish plain-text communication to reduce the load on back-end application servers.

Hassle-free deployment

Easily manage your configuration using the graphical interface or API. Get shared and dedicated load balancing options with flexible pricing.

Load balancer benefits

Quickly detect server failures

Routinely monitor your server health to help avoid sending traffic to a down server.

Offload SSL handshake

SSL offload allows servers to spend their cycles on real application processing.

Intelligent traffic distribution

Rely on techniques such as round-robin, weighted round-robin and least connections to balance traffic.


Find out how to get started with the load balancer service.

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Simplify load-balancing traffic and easily scale your applications with minimal disruption to your traffic flows.