How load balancers are used

VPC load balancers

Application load balancer

Distribute Layer 4 and Layer 7 traffic among multiple server instances.

Network load balancer

Distribute Layer 4 client requests among workload servers.

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Classic load balancers

IBM Cloud Load Balancer

Monitor server health and protect against server failure.

Citrix NetScaler appliances

Gain advanced features and high performance.

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Why IBM Cloud load balancers


IBM Cloud load balancer features

Flexible features

Choose the features best suited to your needs.

Traffic request layers support

Choose between Layer 4 network and Layer 7 application load balancing capabilities within the 7-layer OSI model.

Deployment capabilities

Provisioning and management can be done through the UI, API, CLI and Terraform.

Other IBM Cloud networking products

Network security

Protect your network with firewalls and security groups to better secure both servers and users.

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

A streamlined Kubernetes experience to deploy and manage clusters. Scale your apps from lift-and-shift to cloud-native.

IBM Cloud Internet Services

Enhanced edge network services that protect and optimize apps from DDoS attacks, data theft and bot attacks

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