Watson Conversation

Use a natural language interface to automate interactions with your users. 

Details: 10,000 API calls per month

IBM API Connect™

Control your API lifecycle by creating, managing, enforcing and running APIs.

Details: 50K API calls per month

Cloud Foundry apps

Deploy your app without managing underlying infrastructure.

Details: 256 MB of memory

IoT Platform

Communicate with and consume data from connected devices and gateways.

Details: 500 registered devices and a max of 200 MB of each data metric

Watson Discovery

Identify patterns, trends and actionable insights that drive better decision-making.

Details: Up to 2,000 documents (or 200 MB) per month


Access a fully managed NoSQL JSON data layer that is always on. 

Details: 1 GB of data storage

Watson Personality Insights

Derive insights about personality characteristics from social media, enterprise data and more.

Details: 1,000 API calls per month

Push Notifications

Personalize and send unified push notifications through mobile and web devices in real time. 

Details: 100,000 messages per month

Speech to Text

Convert spoken speech to written text.

Details: 100 minutes per month

Sample apps

Make your smart fridge smarter
Train your smart fridge to request its own service and replacement parts using serverless and IoT technology.

Create an app that automates feedback
Build an easy-to-configure mobile app for receiving feedback at meet-ups, events and more.

Translate text into different languages
Translate text from one language to another with customizable, multiple domain-specific models.

Analyze customer habits and preferences
Use linguistic analysis and personality theory to gain insight into how and why people feel, think and act the way they do.

Detect tone in written text
Identify and interpret emotions, social tendencies and language-style cues found in text.

Build speech recognition into VR
Integrate voice commands and speech recognition into a virtual reality experience.

Talk sports with a TJBot sports buddy
Build a sports buddy to chat with about your favorite MLB team and receive news and standings information using Twilio.

Construct and expose APIs for enterprise data
Use LoopBack and API Connect to leverage existing enterprise assets using APIs.

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