ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

ETL is a process that extracts, transforms, and loads data from multiple sources to a data warehouse or other unified data repository.


JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

Learn what the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) does and how it works with other Java platform components to run Java applications.


API Management

Learn the components that make up API (application programming interface) management in an enterprise setting and how using a unified API management platform can help your organization scale.


Application Integration

Application integration enables applications and systems that were built separately to work together, resulting in new capabilities and efficiencies that cut costs, uncover insights, and much more.


Java Spring Boot

Learn how Java Spring Boot simplifies development of web applications and microservices with Java Spring Framework.


Event-Driven Architecture

Learn how event-driven architecture works and how it contributes to improved flexibility, reliability, capability, and performance of cloud native applications.


Apache Kafka

Learn about Apache Kafka, the open source streaming technology behind some of the most popular real-time, event-driven user experiences on the web, including AirBnB, Netflix, and Pinterest.


Message Brokers

Message brokers are an inter-application communication technology to help build a common integration mechanism to support cloud native, microservices-based, serverless and hybrid cloud architectures.


iPaaS (Integration-Platform-as-a-Service)

iPaaS is a cloud-based solution that simplifies application integration across on-premises and cloud environments, to help you accelerate innovation and lower your integration and operations costs.


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