Apache Kafka

Learn about Apache Kafka, the open source streaming technology behind some of the most popular real-time, event-driven user experiences on the web, including AirBnB, Netflix, and Pinterest.


Message Brokers

Message brokers are an inter-application communication technology to help build a common integration mechanism to support cloud native, microservices-based, serverless and hybrid cloud architectures.


IPaaS (Integration-Platform-as-a-Service)

IPaaS is a cloud-based solution that simplifies application integration across on-premises and cloud environments, to help you accelerate innovation and lower your integration and operations costs.


Message Queues

A message queue is a component of messaging middleware that makes it easier to develop resilient connections between applications.


ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

In this guide, learn more about the ESB (an essential component of SOA), the benefits it offers, and how it relates to microservices architecture.


SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture)

Explore SOA (service-oriented architecture), an important stage in the evolution of application development and integration.



In this guide, you’ll learn how REST APIs, an architectural style for managing networked applications, can ease software development processes.


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