How to get started

Experience a real Kubernetes cluster environment. Available for four hours.

Our interactive labs provide a preconfigured environment and step-by-step guide to help you gain familiarity with the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and other IBM Cloud® services to extend the Kubernetes cluster.

Step 1

Create your IBM Cloud account at no cost.

Step 2

Complete the Kubernetes tutorial coursework.

Step 3

Put your knowledge to the test and earn a certification badge after passing a quiz.

Kubernetes certification coursework

Lab 1

Diagram showing how to use Kubernetes capabilities to deploy a containerized app on IBM Cloud

Containers and Kubernetes essentials

Learn the core concepts of Kubernetes and how to use Docker containers on Kubernetes.

Lab 2

Diagram showing how to scaffold a web app, run it locally in a container, then deploy it to an IBM Cloud Kubernetes cluster

Scalable web applications on Kubernetes

Learn how to scaffold a web application, run it locally in a container and deploy it to a Kubernetes cluster.

Lab 3

Diagram showing how to create a cluster and configure the log analysis and monitoring services, then deploy an app to the cluster

Analyze logs and monitor application health

Learn how to analyze different types of logs and monitor the performance of your applications and clusters.

Kubernetes resources