Control your cloud

Every infrastructure offering on the IBM Cloud platform — from servers and storage to firewalls and load balancers — is controlled by a single infrastructure management system with an open API. Deployment and management of everything is automated. And you have total access and control through the same API, as well as through an easy-to-use Web portal and mobile applications.

Open API

The IBM Cloud feature-rich API controls every infrastructure product and service offered. With more than 3,000 documented methods and 180 distinct services, it enables granular, programmatic control over every aspect of your IBM Cloud infrastructure environment, and it’s the foundation for IBM’s own infrastructure systems, customer portal and mobile apps. You have complete access, so you can automate your IBM Cloud solution to fit your unique needs.

Deployment tools

With bare metal and virtual servers in a unified platform, you can do more with server images than you can imagine. IBM flex images technology lets you move or scale between bare metal and virtual servers as your resource needs change. Image import and export tools let you bring your own image to IBM Cloud, so you can migrate to the platform with ease. And auto scale lets you automate adding and removing virtual servers with simple, flexible triggers that you create.

Web portal and mobile apps

The beauty of the IBM Cloud robust API is that it empowers you with easy-to-use management tools that streamline server administration. Manage any part of your environment through the Web-based customer portal. Or control your services on the go through powerful mobile apps.

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