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Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Overview

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a type of cloud computing that lets you allocate your compute, network, storage and security resources on demand. The IBM Cloud® approach to IaaS lets you scale and shrink resources as needed around the world in more than 60 data centers.

Get access to the full stack of compute, down to the bare metal. Get more control. Customize hardware to your exact specifications to meet the precise demands of your workload.

Accelerate performance

Deploy an IaaS bare metal server, a virtual server or both in minutes.

Integrate with your systems

Take advantage of our services being integrated to optimize performance.

Employ enterprise-grade hardware

Select from more than bare metal and virtual, including SAP-certified infrastructure.

Extend your on-premises data centers

Create, deploy and manage servers on their own or in a hybrid cloud.

What makes IBM Cloud different? Control your stack with security, speed and integration Most secure infrastructure

Support for Keep Your Own Key (KYOK) with highest level of FIPS certification — 140-2 Level 4

Free bandwidth

Up to 20 TB of free bandwidth per bare metal server and free network backbone

Leading SAP Cloud provider

Broadest range of SAP-certified cloud environments such as bare metal, IBM® Power®, VMWare and virtual servers

Highest network performance

100 Gbps at the host, providing up to 80 Gbps on general-purpose profiles

Our global footprint IBM Cloud® is constantly expanding its global footprint to help you meet your customers where they need you. Deploy, control and manage workloads in more than 60 data centers and six multizone regions with availability zones. View IBM Cloud data centers

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions
IBM Cloud® Virtual Server for VPC
  • Availability
    High availability achieved through multizone structure
  • Virtual servers and containers
    Customizable VSI profiles and ideal for Red Hat® OpenShift®
  • Ideal use cases
    Web apps, dev test workloads and hybrid connectivity
Explore VPC
Bare metal and virtual servers
  • Availability
    60 data centers across 19 countries
  • Compute types
    Containers and VMware, bare metal and virtual servers
  • Ideal use cases
    Web apps, dev test workloads and hybrid connectivity
Explore Bare metal servers
Other solutions Compute

Use IBM resources for any workload, from bare metal servers to serverless compute.


Facilitate and accelerate your journey to the cloud with IBM container services built on proven open source technologies like Kubernetes.


Take advantage of a rich portfolio of SQL and NoSQL databases designed for transactional workloads, web and mobile apps, and fast analytics.


Help enhance your traffic, satisfy your users and protect your sanity.


Protect your data and workloads no matter which IBM Cloud solution you use.


Scale capacity without interruption. Flexibly deploy across the globe to achieve higher performance for applications.

Cloud vendor costs compared: IBM lower, AWS higher

Discover why IBM Cloud pricing is lower than Amazon Web Services (AWS) in many scenarios.

Addressing data confidentiality requirements

Learn more about IBM Cloud for Financial Services. (1.3 MB)

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