What can Watson Studio and Watson APIs do for you?

Watson Studio is an integrated platform composed of tools, services, and data. With it, you can better understand patterns in customer behavior, govern interactions and transactions, create a more personalized customer experience — like chatbots and recommendation engines — and analyze customer interactions to make your app even smarter.

Challenges your team faces:

  • It’s difficult to persist historical customer interaction data
  • Integration with other data sources
  • Development of customer-facing applications

The Watson Studio solution:

  • Easily persist chat interactions and uncover behavioral trends
  • Pull in relevant data sources
  • Build smarter apps and recommendation engines

Pricing based on your needs

Whether you want to explore a few tools and services to create an MVP or you want to create a full end-to-end customer experience using everything Watson Studio has to offer, talk to an expert to see which offerings are best for your business.

Kick the tires

Create an MVP to test the wheels and get an introduction to Watson Studio.

Extend your app

See how easy it is to prep and govern your data, and build a more robust customer experience.

Build custom experiences

Create a full, end-to-end customer experience on which you can iterate and continuously improve, with the full complement of Watson Studio features.

MVP one month investment: $10K

For production annual contracts: $100K - $250K

MVP one month investment: $15K

For production annual contracts: $250K - $500K

MVP one month investment: $30K

For production annual contracts: $500K+

We’re here for you throughout the entire process

Schedule a meeting with an expert to learn the DataFirst Method, and get the skills and guidance to get started with the Watson Studio.

design workshop icon

2-day workshop

Develop your data-driven solutions with a user-centric framework.

learn workshop icon

2- to 4-day workshop

Get hands-on experience with Watson Studio to understand its capabilities.

plan workshop icon

5-day workshop

Create a development roadmap, and develop your solution architecture and viability assessment.

build workshop icon

4 weeks

Build your prototype with IBM guidance, and modify and refine your implementation plan.

deploy workshop icon

8 weeks

Refine your prototype and gain Watson Studio skills and methodology experience in an IBM-supported setting.

On-demand consulting
3-month pack of SME assistance

Receive consultations ranging from online “Ask an expert” to onsite SME time. Augment any of the above offerings or use as a stand-alone.

Empower your team with Watson Studio