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The VMware vSphere virtualization platform offers a powerful, flexible and secure foundation for business agility. With support ending for vSphere 5.5 on September 19, 2018, the time is right for you to upgrade your VMware environment on the IBM Cloud. The latest version of vSphere 6.5 means you can securely run, manage, and connect your applications in a common operating environment for a seamless hybrid cloud experience.

VMware vSphere 6.5 benefits

Reduce IT operational complexity with vCenter Server Appliance

The re-imagined VMware vCenter Server Appliance provides up to 2x to 3x greater performance and scale, native vCenter high availability, file-based backup and recovery, and integrated vSphere host management and patching.

Mitigate risk with VM-level encryption

Policy-driven vSphere encryption safeguards data — both in rest and in motion — at scale across enterprise on-premise and IBM Cloud data centers.

Comprehensive built-in security

Protect both the hypervisor and the guest operating system from tampering by validating code with a digital signature, ensuring that only trusted OS software will run.

Gain forensic insights with audit-quality logging

Gather insights about user actions so that IT teams can better understand who did what, when, and where in the event of a security threat or anomaly.

Prevent downtime with proactive high availability

Proactive HA anticipates hardware failures before they occur and preemptively migrates workloads before problems happen.

Why upgrade to the IBM Cloud?

IBM and VMware have partnered to make extending your VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud simple. Move workloads to and from the cloud without changing your apps, tooling or scripts and without investing in new skills. When talking to an IBM expert, about upgrading to VMware vSphere 6.5, be sure to ask about running vSphere on IBM Cloud infrastructure.

VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud

VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud offers vSphere as a service. Through automation built by IBM, a fully functioning VMware software-defined data center environment is deployed on top of a minimum of three IBM Cloud bare metal servers. You can provision in hours and scale as needed while gaining full, native access to the entire VMware stack.

If your workloads are in an older data center with limited network uplinks, migration to the IBM Cloud is available through VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX). If your workloads are in a newer data center with 10 Gbps dual network uplinks, you can use existing VLANs and VMware VMotion for a live migration of running machines.

VMware vSphere on IBM Cloud

If you are looking to start with a smaller cloud environment, VMware vSphere on IBM Cloud allows you to build highly customizable VMware environments with minimal commitment. This virtualization service combines VMware-compatible bare metal servers, hardware components and licenses — to build your own VMware environment in the public cloud.

IBM Cloud and VMware partnership

Together, IBM and VMware are helping clients deliver new business value through cloud solutions. The value of this collaboration was recently validated when VMware recognized IBM as its 2017 Global Cloud Partner of the year.

IBM Cloud is also one of the first of a new class of partners to carry the VMware Cloud Verified trust mark. This identifier recognizes providers that help drive innovation, improve efficiency and reduce costs for customers who are transforming application portfolios.

How to upgrade

IBM Cloud experts are ready to walk you through the upgrade steps.