Don’t let your infrastructure slow you down

A proper virtual server environment can quickly close the gap between you and your competition. One size does not fit all, and customization to your workload demand is key. IBM Cloud delivers purpose-built public and dedicated virtual server instances with provisioning and scaling on demand.

Faster data mining with IBM Cloud virtual servers

Big data insights can be a big void for companies that don’t have the infrastructure and software capabilities. And it shouldn’t be that way. Real-time insights from big data are essential to decision makers and problem solvers. See the difference IBM Cloud virtual servers can make.


more throughput so you don’t need as many servers, reducing OpEx


minutes saved on clustering data

Latest news

IBM Cloud virtual servers expand capabilities and lower costs
Customers can now suspend billing, reserve guaranteed capacity, implement placement groups for high-availability and provision on-the-fly transient "spot" instances at lower costs.

Multitenant virtual server deployment options

Public virtual servers
Choose between balanced, balanced local, compute, memory or GPU flavors — all with predefined sizes. Ideal for rapid provisioning and scalability and higher cost effectiveness.

Transient virtual servers
Whether you refer to them as "spot" instances or transient virtual servers, it's still all about running your flexible workloads at a fraction of the cost. When resources are needed, your IBM Cloud transient virtual server will be reclaimed. Ideal for test and dev applications, and other non-production workloads that don't require constant uptime.

Reserved virtual servers
Reserve a set of up to 20 specific virtual machines in advance for guaranteed capacity in the data center of your choice. Ideal for sustained workloads and enterprise-level capacity challenges. Choose a 1-year or 3-year term with consistent monthly payments, and reclaim your reserves at any time.

Single-tenant virtual servers

Dedicated instances
Single-tenant offering with rapid provisioning. Ideal for added control and flexibility in virtual server deployments. Choose up to 56 cores and 242 GB RAM.


Dedicated host instances
Single-tenant dedicated hosts help control workload placement and balance based on your requirements. You can also view resource consumption — core, RAM and local storage. Ideal for maximum control over your workload management.

It’s time for a new perspective on virtual servers

Take a look around IBM Cloud. Ask questions. Let an IBM specialist show you what IBM Cloud virtual server instances can do for you that other cloud providers can’t.