Try 1TB of block or file storage — cost-free

IBM Cloud block and file storage excels in cost-performance ratio, security and versatility. And now it’s easier than ever to try a volume in IBM Cloud with your current projects. Get 1TB of block or file storage endurance tiers at 0.25, 2, 4 or 10 IOPS with 1TB of snapshot space — free of charge for two months.

Hurry, this is a limited-time offer.*

Customize your cost-free storage with the IOPS tier of your choice

0.25 IOPS

  • Low I/O workloads
  • Backup and archiving
  • Web/email servers
  • File shares


  • General purpose workloads and databases
  • Virtualization platforms


  • High I/O workloads
  • Highly active data
  • Performance-sensitive needs


  • Maximum I/O workloads
  • High-performance databases

Smarter storage investment

IBM Cloud was a great fit for us because of the scale and size of their offerings, but what we found benefited us most was the return on our time and investment.

—Steve Richmond, Founder and CEO, Projetech

Get started with better storage

Build better storage in under 30 minutes and provision your workload cost-free for the first two months using IBM Cloud.

* Offer ends December 31, 2018. Promo offer valid for signup while supplies last. Upon signup, promo offer is valid for two months. Customer will accrue standard billing charges if the volume is not canceled after two months. Valid on new volumes only and cannot be applied to existing customer discounts. Customer cannot divide the 1TB volume into two 500GB volumes. Customer must provision 1,000GB of storage and 1,000GB of snapshot space in the promo provisioning tool to ensure a successful ordering process. Promo not applicable to expandable volumes or adjustable IOPS feature usage. Available in updated data centers only.