Five fundamentals of cloud security

As your company copes with the evolving security concerns of cloud computing, your cloud provider needs to be your trusted technology partner.

To get the most out of your partner, evaluate and select it based on these five fundamentals:

Icon for identity and access management

Identity and access management

Icon for network security

Network security

Icon for data protection

Data protection

Icon for application security and DevSecOps

Application security and DevSecOps

Icon for visibility and intelligence

Visibility and intelligence

Surprising statistics about cloud security

Nearly 10 billion data records have been lost or stolen since 2013. Only 4 percent involved “secure breaches” where encryption was used and the stolen data was rendered useless.


Number of lost or stolen data records since 2013


Percentage that involved insecure breaches of data

Key takeaways

The guide explores this important topic from various angles, including:

  • The connection between your company’s identity management system and your vendor’s platform, or an identity management solution for you to use as needed.
  • Integrated firewalls, security groups and options for microsegmentation.
  • BYOK solutions that allow you to manage keys across all data storage and services.
  • Vulnerability scanning for containers, both before deployment and while they’re running.
  • Access control that operates at the level of workloads, tracking activity in detail, while connecting to on-premises systems.

Because platform security can’t wait

The time is now to explore cloud platform security through this informative guide.