SAP-certified cloud servers

Run SAP workloads in the IBM Cloud with SAP-certified infrastructure

IBM Cloud bare metal servers and SAP

Call them dedicated servers or bare metal servers. IBM’s enterprise-grade compute resources can handle your high-performance needs — with all the specs you want. SAP-certified bare metal servers from IBM, with up to 8 TB RAM and 192 cores, are designed for enterprise-grade SAP deployments.

You manage the environment. IBM maintains the hardware.

Photo representing powerful compute resources for SAP workloads

Powerful compute resources. On demand.

Get the agility to meet your SAP landscape’s needs with the largest and most powerful SAP-certified servers in the cloud.

Photo representing control for your SAP workloads

Control the stack. Match on-premises power.

When building your SAP-certified bare metal servers, mirror your on-premises environments by mixing physical servers with VMware virtualization. Manage your SAP hardware in the cloud through the IBM Cloud customer portal or interact via API. You have full control of the stack.

Photo representing a global network for SAP workloads

Stay flexible. Around the globe.

The IBM Cloud features a unique network architecture and global network of data centers and network points-of-presence so you can put your SAP workloads wherever you want. You can move data to, from and between your servers with minimal latency and zero cost.

Partner-managed SAP workloads on IBM Cloud

Leverage the ecosystem of IBM Business Partners

Access the power of SAP-certified bare metal. We match your business needs to one of IBM's SAP-certified business partners who understands your industry and your SAP environment, and services your area.

Independent Software Vendors create new SaaS offerings with IBM Cloud bare metal

Read how Fulcrum GT, an IBM client and an Independent Software Vendor, worked with IBM and SAP to monetize its SAP application for the legal industry.

Systems Integrators and Managed Service Providers now manage end-to-end SAP environments

Integrators are helping clients move and manage their SAP enterprise and apps on IBM Cloud. By connecting to IBM’s nearly 60 data centers, Systems Integrators’ clients save money by using the IBM global private network.

As the only certified provider to offer SAP S/4HANA on bare metal servers, IBM has set a new standard for how we want to run our back-end infrastructure.

—Ahmed Shaaban, Managing Director, Fulcrum Global Technologies

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