New from IBM

IBM Cloud™ Load Balancer improves the availability of your business-critical applications by distributing traffic

among multiple application server instances, and forwarding traffic to healthy instances only.

Gain the benefits of cloud-native load balancing


Usage-based pricing lets you scale infrastructure costs as your business grows.


Quickly and effectively increase uptime percentages for business-critical applications hosted on bare metal and VSI infrastructure.


Routine health checks monitor your servers to support advanced traffic management as needed.

IBM Cloud Load Balancer features

Layer 4 load balancing

Public and private load balancing by application port (HTTP, HTTPS, TCP) with flexible methods (Least Connections, Round Robin, Weighted Round Robin)

SSL offloading

Able to terminate SSL traffic with customized cipher suites and establish plain-text communication to reduce the load on back-end application servers

Web and API management

Easily manage your configuration in the IBM Cloud Platform or via the API

Avoid downtime with affordable, high-capacity load balancing for your Cloud-based applications and workloads.