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IBM Cloud provides deployment options for every workload need

Gain global reach with local access

Run smoother in the cloud and safer on the ground from the Singapore data centre. Deploy applications locally and scale globally using nearly 60 IBM Cloud data centres in 19 countries.

Ensure data residency and compliance

IBM Cloud offers enterprise-strong cloud security, a standardized approach for auditable consistency and global expertise in regulatory compliance for data protection and breach notification.

Customize to your workload needs

Spin up virtual servers quickly when you need resources on the fly. And process high-volume data with low-latency in bare metal servers. Pick your computing option — from high abstraction to high control.

Future-proof your infrastructure with AI

Build cognitive applications using IBM Watson®, blockchain and a single-architecture platform. And create new growth opportunities by tapping into your unstructured data for key insights and hidden patterns.

MTCS Level-3 Certified

Developed with an objective to encourage the adoption of sound risk management and security practices for cloud computing while increasing transparency and accountability from CSPs, the Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) Singapore Standard (SS) 584 is the world’s first cloud security standard that covers multiple tiers of cloud security.

IBM is an MTCS Level-3 Certified Partner for IBM Cloud using IaaS model that spans across products such as Bare Metal Servers, Virtual Servers ( Private and Public), Hardware Security Modules, VMware vSphere on IBM Cloud.

Flexible cloud with low latency and high performance

The IBM Cloud platform’s ability to support us in our international growth and reduce latency has been critical for us.

Ben Tregoe, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Nanigans

Choose a local hosting environment that scales

Whether you’re running cloud-native applications or managing enterprise infrastructure, IBM Cloud offers an environment that can change at the speed of your business.