Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: A custom study commissioned by IBM

A new study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by IBM provides the most updated global picture of the state of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) readiness — just weeks before its enforcement begins.

The study (completed in March 2018) provides not only a comprehensive analysis of how ready firms are to embrace GDPR requirements, but also unveils the key actions companies are planning to take in order to remain compliant over time, and how they are positioning GDPR investments and efforts in relation to long-term strategic business goals.

Although on-premises personal data tends to dominate security discussions, much remains at stake when it comes to personal data in the cloud. For IBM, data responsibility and governance are key activities and core values that the corporate culture affirms. They are part of IBM’s very DNA.

Data and cloud security is a key concern for organizations looking to become GDPR-ready. This offering helps you determine now where you need to be later. Join this two-part webinar with Jonathan Wiseler from IBM and guest Enza Iannopollo, analyst from Forrester, to hear about the latest findings of this research.

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Make the move to cloud for sustained compliance

Cloud is a key enabler for digital transformation. It’s a complete stack of services that you develop, deploy and scale — at a faster pace and on a global platform.

This offers on-demand delivery, faster execution and time to market, informed decision-making with data, and analytics to help you build bridges to actionable intelligence. Data is key to GDPR compliance; a strong data governance strategy and security platform is the foundation for sustained compliance.

What Forrester says about sustained GDPR compliance

Organizations need to make radical governance, people, process and technology changes to comply with GDPR.

— From the report

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