Turn GDPR into an advantage

The intent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to elevate protection of the personal data of those in the European Union (EU), regardless of whether your organization has a physical presence there. But rather than merely complying, seize the opportunity presented by GDPR to set your company apart from the competition using the IBM Cloud.

Designed with built-in data security and privacy services, the IBM Cloud offers the platform and tools you need to help safeguard sensitive data wherever it resides. Using IBM data storage and processing products to manage readiness with GDPR, you can gain increased transparency and control over your data, positioning your company to realize efficiencies, identify opportunities and innovate more quickly.

The Role of IBM Cloud in Your GDPR Readiness

IBM’s Jonathan Wiser advises on how you can use IBM Cloud to make sure your stored data is GDPR compliant, has clear structure and is protected from both physical and virtual intruders. He also encourages the adoption of a long-term vision when managing GDPR compliance so that you are better positioned to unlock your data’s value.

Why trust IBM

IBM takes its responsibility to protect your data seriously. An established industry leader in security and privacy, IBM is committed to innovative solutions and can apply its vast knowledge and experience to your GDPR readiness journey.

Personal data discovery in the cloud

Data protection in the cloud

Data encryption in the cloud

Storage to help GDPR

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Simplify GDPR with IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization

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