Look at the cloud for storing backup, archive and content repository data

In this white paper, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) makes the case for storing backup, archive and content repository data in the cloud. Learn how IBM Cloud Object Storage addresses these use cases and helps organizations lower costs, provide higher availability and protect against unauthorized access to their data.

How our customers are transforming their organizations using object storage

Whether you are looking for more storage savings, always-on availability or an integrated path to Watson for your data, you’ll be interested in watching this video. See how IBM Cloud Object Storage can help you leverage your data for market advantage.

Does your data storage strategy provide users both access and security?

Do more with your data on IBM Cloud.

Backup and archive data is unusable if stored on offsite tapes. And storing content repositories in onsite disks is costly and makes it difficult to collaborate with remote users. Always-on, secure and self-service IBM Cloud offers cost-effective object storage with fast retrieval for collaboration with users around the world.

When unstructured data IS your business

“The bottom line is we no longer need double or triple the storage. Since IBM Cloud Object Storage technology is so reliable, it (can serve as) an active storage repository while providing…disaster recovery and backup storage.”

—Dragos Jianu, Managing Director, Dreamstime
World’s largest stock community with 20 million users

Dreamstime trusts its core business assets to IBM Cloud Object Storage.

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