Unlock the power of analytics with an always-on data lake

In this white paper, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) examines how companies can leverage cloud-based data lakes and self-service analytics for timely business insights that weren’t possible until now. Learn how IBM Cloud Object Storage, as a persistent storage layer, powers an analytics and business intelligence (BI) solution on the IBM Cloud.  

How our customers are transforming their organizations using object storage

Whether you’re looking for more storage savings, always-on availability or an integrated path to Watson for your data, you’ll be interested in watching this video. See how IBM Cloud Object Storage can help you leverage your data for market advantage.

Are your business users creating their own BI dashboards and reports?

Today, organizations are overwhelmed by data and requests for more and better BI to take advantage of market opportunities. Business users need secure data access and analytics tools, and require a self-service platform with governed data and analytics to create dashboards and reports for effective decision-making. Learn about the self-service analytics and BI solution on IBM Cloud that provides access to advanced analytics and AI tools integrated with a cost-effective, highly available and secure cloud-object-storage-based data lake. Get access to the right data at the right time, for agile decision-making.

Read more about using the Watson Data Platform with IBM Cloud Object Storage. (See the “Data Lake for Analytics” section.)

Taking stored data to the next level

“IBM Cloud Object Storage is a foundational part of the Watson Data Platform. With data…in object storage, Watson analytic and visualization tools can be an easy next step…”

—Thomas Leitner, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Prime Research

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Discover scalable storage that is persistent, secure and easy to use with other IBM Cloud services.