Customer expectations are always increasing, and it’s difficult to address them with legacy systems

Because the management of legacy systems is so cumbersome, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with customer expectations. Maybe you’re suffering because your customer-facing applications are based on monolithic code that’s duplicated and managed in silos—so that every change requires the same work in three places by different teams. Or your problem could be that you’re trying to support millions of monthly transactions using systems built a decade ago on a traditional, multi-tiered technology stack with application server technology.

What if:

  • You could update your technology stack, increase agility and introduce DevOps concepts while leveraging an open and flexible cloud platform?
  • You could test your mission-critical apps in a scalable, containerized infrastructure to take advantage of new technologies while retaining your investment in existing technology and architecturally evolving it?
  • You could establish a platform as a service that would streamline development and management, reduce risk and scale easily to support more agile work across your business?


IBM can bring together all the parts of your organization—the right technical, operational and compliance folks—to plot a customer-centric path forward (using design thinking and our IBM Garage methods). We can help choose the best technical solutions for the job, whether we recommend using our own software or better exploiting your many clouds. And we can help put you on a path that will continue to make it all happen—for your customers.

What’s holding you back from helping your customers?