Announcing IBM Hyper Protect Virtual Servers for Virtual Private Cloud


What are IBM Cloud® Hyper Protect Virtual Servers?

With the transition to IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) as it rolls out in coming months, Hyper Protect Virtual Servers will become fully developer-friendly and able to use industry-standard open-container initiative (OCI) images with a standard user interface to provision, manage, maintain and monitor within the Virtual Private Cloud Infrastructure of IBM Cloud. By leveraging VPC, this next generation of Hyper Protect Virtual Servers will also be able to offer additional network security.

To take advantage of these VPC capabilities, clients can leverage the Toronto; Washington, D.C.; Tokyo; Sao Paulo; and London IBM Cloud Data Centers. (Additional data centers coming soon.)

For clients in specific countries where VPC is not yet available (or there are in-country, data-residency requirements in force), the following locations are available as classic IBM Cloud Data Centers: Dallas; Frankfurt; Sydney; and Washington, D.C.



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DIA uses IBM Cloud® and confidential computing to help secure its decentralized financial information platform.

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Unbound Tech unlocks liquidity and security for proven digital asset management.

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