What is an open hybrid cloud strategy?

An open hybrid approach allows you to integrate the best features and functions from any cloud, or traditional IT environment, and tap the unmatched pace and quality of innovations from the open source community.


Growth-driven IT


98% of organizations achieved maximized availability and uptime through a comprehensive, well-designed cloud architecture.¹



A hybrid cloud environment delivers on the openness and flexibility that's needed for today and tomorrow.²

Enhanced security


95% of organizations with a well-planned, formal cloud architecture report an improved security posture.¹

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Enable resilient models to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity.

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Optimize your IT infrastructure — on premises and in the cloud — with the flexibility and control that comes with open source development.


Hybrid cloud architecture explained

75% of non-cloud applications will be moving to the cloud in the next 3 years. Learn about creating a hybrid cloud strategy.

10 steps to prepare for the hybrid cloud era

Digital transformation is the critical path forward for enterprises today and optimizing and managing your hybrid IT environment paves that path.

Containers on IBM Cloud

Containers are ideal for application modernization, and for an open hybrid cloud strategy that lets you build, run and manage workloads anywhere.

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Why IBM for your hybrid cloud approach

What’s your hybrid cloud advantage?

The new generation of hybrid cloud provides a common platform across all of your cloud, on-premises and edge environments. That means you can skill once, build once and manage from a single pane of glass. IBM provides you with the most comprehensive and consistent approach to development, security and operations across hybrid environments.

In fact, our hybrid cloud approach can offer up to 2.5x more value than a public cloud-only approach. With our hybrid cloud value calculator, you can determine the value that a hybrid cloud approach can bring to your business.

Graph showing value trajectory with hybrid cloud adoption

Value trajectory with hybrid cloud adoption

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¹ Forbesinsights, Renewing IT In The Cloud Era, 10 Steps CIOs Are Taking Now, 2019
² The Key To Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Strategy: An Annual Forrester Consulting Study Commissioned By IBM, January 2021