Why IBM for your hybrid cloud approach

Today’s businesses need profound business innovation and hybrid cloud architecture

Only IBM offers you:

  • Industry expertise in mission-critical business processes
  • Proven security, compliance and governance
  • Capability to build and run anywhere with consistency
  • Hybrid cloud software to automate, predict and modernize workflows
  • The ability to leverage the world’s innovations

Our hybrid approach

IBM hybrid cloud platform with Red Hat OpenShift

Illustration showing IBM hybrid cloud architecture with Red Hat OpenShift highlighted

IBM and Red Hat: choice and control, in your hands

Red Hat® OpenShift® is the leading open, secure and managed container platform. It is designed to help you build once, deploy and manage anywhere.

Cloud infrastructure

Illustration showing IBM hybrid cloud architecture with cloud infrastructure highlighted

The right cloud tuned for your specific business needs

Deploy in the locations right for your business, while incorporating new industry-specific capabilities that aren't offered by the average public cloud.

Hybrid cloud software

Illustration showing IBM hybrid cloud architecture with hybrid cloud software highlighted

Modernize, predict, automate, and secure your business

Our hybrid cloud software offerings are uniquely designed to help you modernize, predict, automate, and secure your business by unlocking the intelligence of AI and the agility of hybrid cloud.


Illustration showing IBM hybrid cloud architecture with expertise highlighted

Access new skills and methods and deep industry experts

IBM has the most qualified and experienced practitioners and the largest ecosystem for hybrid environments — and IBM Garage™ services deliver an average 102% ROI.¹

Explore new solutions

Learn about solutions that advance your hybrid cloud strategy and transform your business.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Unlock the value of your data and speed business transformation on any cloud.

IBM Garage

Partner, innovate with our teams, and discover how to drive up to 3X more business and IT value by designing smarter hybrid cloud solutions.

The hybrid cloud platform advantage

Enterprises need an application development platform that can run on any cloud, workloads that can execute seamlessly across multiple clouds, and comprehensive orchestration capabilities that span across clouds. A platform approach can play a unifying role to harness the full range of capabilities available to it for improved business and operational performance.

Explore cloud solutions to meet your business needs

Act on insights with edge computing and 5G

Automate operations and improve experiences with data insights processed faster at the edge.

Speed up software and services delivery

Increase agility, shorten releases, improve reliability and stay ahead of the competition.

Adopt agile integration

Create personalized customer experiences by easily connecting applications and data across multiple clouds.

Manage from one dashboard

Automate deployment, management and governance from a single control point, wherever your workloads run.

Get unified security management

Take advantage of continuous edge-to-cloud protection and compliance management for your data and applications.

Deploy infrastructure for your hybrid needs

Scale, move and secure data easily across your on-premises and cloud environments.

Get started

Your journey to hybrid cloud starts with an IBM Cloud account. And we're just a click away if you want help getting up and running.