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Tight deadlines, fast moving volatile markets, regulatory reporting requirements and the insatiable demand for new innovations have driven companies beyond their current and planned compute capacity. Keeping existing on-premises compute farms in stride with the latest technology advancements is impractical. Plus the realm of AI and deep learning has quickly crossed the boundary of high-performance computing.  No industry is immune from the management mandate for deeper insights into customer and market behaviors. 

Secure, high-performance computing in the IBM Cloud™ represents the opportunity to exceed business and scientific expectations. Reduce time to results through scaling vast numbers of parallel tasks on IBM Cloud while reducing costs by optimizing the right technology to meet the specific task at hand. Whether the workload requires a true hybrid environment or one that is fully contained in the cloud, the IBM Cloud has the solution to meet your needs.

Benefits of HPC on the IBM Cloud

Image representing fast performance of high performance computing on IBM Cloud

Elevate performance

Bare metal and virtual servers use the latest CPUs and accelerators, such as NVIDIA GPUs — including the NVIDIA Tesla P100 and V100 — along with SSDs, for the power needed for most mixed app high-performance computing and deep learning.

Image representing controlling costs of high performance computing on IBM Cloud

Control costs

With a cloud model, pay only for the compute power you use for bare metal and virtual instances.

Image representing fast deployment of high performance computing workloads on IBM Cloud

Accelerate deployment

With choices for IaaS or a SaaS HPC platform, you don’t need deep infrastructure expertise to configure and deploy powerful HPC workloads quickly.

Image representing strong security for high performance computing workloads on IBM Cloud

Trust the security

In the era of ever-present attacks and breaches, IBM offers a scalable suite of cloud security technologies and solutions that are made more robust and complete through pervasive encryption and AI plus automation and integration. When you work with IBM, you gain access not only to a full stack of IBM Cloud security services, but also to an IBM security team supporting more than 12,000 customers in 133 countries.

High-performance computing on the cloud spans industries

Financial Services

  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Risk analysis
  • Fraud detection

Life Sciences

  • Genome processing and sequencing
  • Pharmaceutical design
  • Molecular modeling
  • Protein docking

Film, Media and Gaming

  • Rendering
  • Computer-aided graphics
  • Computer-generated images
  • Transcoding/encoding
  • Image analysis and processing


  • Inventory analysis
  • Logistics and supply chain optimization
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Marketing offers

Government and Defense

  • Intelligence work
  • Fraud analysis
  • Climate modeling
  • Weather forecasting
  • Energy research

Oil and Gas

  • Seismic data processing
  • Reservoir simulation and modeling
  • Geospatial analytics
  • Terrain/topology mapping
  • Wind simulation

Build your high-performance computing solution on IBM Cloud

Look to the IBM Cloud for a security-rich, hybrid model and fully cloud-contained options that allow you to build tailored HPC solutions using the latest technologies.


Bare metal servers

The IBM Cloud provides the largest selection and capacity of bare metal servers. Get the virtually unmatched and easily scalable power of bare metal on demand with the option to integrate NVIDIA GPUs.

Virtual servers

Provision and scale on demand with public, dedicated, reserved and transient “spot” virtual servers.

Powerful Intel processors

Accelerate cloud workloads with Intel Xeon processors and Intel Optane technology running on bare metal and virtual servers.


Provision bare metal and virtual servers with cutting-edge GPUs, including the NVIDIA Tesla P100 and V100, to handle your most complex, compute-intensive workloads.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

Scale to exabytes of storage for your big-data workloads with hybrid cloud storage choices.

HPC as a Service

HPCaaS from Rescale

Leverage a turnkey high-performance computing platform with built-in automation running on the IBM Cloud. Everything you need is accessible through your web browser.

IBM Spectrum Computing

IBM Spectrum LSF®

Gain faster throughput using intelligent, policy-driven scheduling for your HPC workloads, and add complementary services for storage performance optimization.

IBM Spectrum Symphony™

Respond to real-time resource demands with an enterprise-class grid manager that runs distributed applications services on a scalable, shared grid.

Serverless computing

IBM Cloud Functions

Execute code on demand in a highly scalable serverless environment.

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