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Low latency is vital to a game’s reputation and a developer's success. Each IBM Cloud® data center across NA, SA, Europe, Asia and Australia is connected to our global private network, making data transfers and downloads faster and more efficient. And all our data centers are built to exceed industry standards for cloud gaming servers you can rely on.


Game server hosting on IBM Cloud is:

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Create an IBM Cloud account and get USD 200 toward your game hosting server.


Key use cases for game server hosting on IBM Cloud

Global player coverage

Dedicated hardware and a global network can balance activity across your platform, boost connectivity and eliminate latency.

Environment control

Control your gaming setup. Tailor rules. Isolate players. Get high ping. Enjoy full admin, root access and remote options.

Unlimited scaling

Quickly scale up or out in real time by adding more memory, processing power, gaming servers and more in 30 minutes or less.

IBM Cloud for game developers

IBM Cloud offers game developers the most secure and scalable public cloud for their workloads, along with IBM Watson® and IBM Blockchain, to support fun game design and new monetization models.

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Client stories

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Skyegrid uses IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers to deliver top-tier video games to budget gamers on the cloud.

Exit Games runs its Photon game development cloud on IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers to support 250 million gamers per month.

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Create an IBM Cloud account and get USD 200 toward your game hosting server.


*20 TB bandwidth included in US, Canada and EU data centers; 5 TB bandwidth included in all other data centers. New prices and offers may not be combined with any other current or future discounts.