How application hosting on IBM Cloud works

Seamlessly integrate your data and systems into a new application hosting environment with dedicated, security-rich IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers. Customize and define your server needs, including single, dual or quad processors with the latest Intel technologies. Select the speed, RAM, storage, OS and more.

Enjoy hourly or monthly pricing options.

Recommended server configurations

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Application hosting on IBM Cloud is:

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Create an IBM Cloud account and get USD 200 toward your web hosting server.


Key use cases for application hosting on IBM Cloud

Web and email development applications

Migrate your on-premises mobile and desktop applications to a security-rich and fully managed off-premises cloud infrastructure.

Global content management applications

Better distribute your content systems to users around the world, manage it all remotely, and easily store and access your data.

Sensitive data and codes

Protect your applications from threats with dedicated, enterprise-grade bare metal servers.

Client stories

See how clients are using IBM Cloud for application hosting

Active International used IBM Cloud to optimize its media buying processes and ROI in months.

SmartRural used IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers for faster analytics to help bring cost-saving insights to farmers.

Eurobits migrated to IBM Cloud to get the flexibility, scale and resilience needed to serve a fast-growing client base.

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Create an IBM Cloud account and get USD 200 toward your application hosting server.


*20 TB bandwidth included in US, Canada and EU data centers; 5 TB bandwidth included in all other data centers. New prices and offers may not be combined with any other current or future discounts.