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For all the amazing technological progress made in analytics and cloud, the fundamental challenges of reliably transferring and distributing large files and volumes of big data at high speed to locations around the world still persist. In fact, this big data movement problem has become more pervasive and daunting across industries with the exponential growth of data generated globally.

IBM Aspera® solutions are designed to help you globally ingest, distribute and synchronize huge files and folders directly to and from any major cloud or on-premises storage, without compromising performance or security. Built on Aspera’s patented FASP® transfer protocol — which consistently ranks first in every WAN transfer throughput benchmark — IBM Aspera solutions offer secure, scalable capabilities that can grow with your business.

Store and distribute big data anywhere

Fast and reliable

Moves large digital data sets quickly across global WANs and natively supports direct- to-cloud object storage transfers to and from on-premises infrastructure


Runs on commodity hardware, so you can use your existing infrastructure or leverage any other infrastructure or storage type, regardless of location


Uses open standards cryptography for user authentication, data encryption and data integrity verification


Scales across transfer nodes, cloud server clusters, number of users or bandwidth capacity to meet a wide range of requirements

Industry benefits from the fast transfer, distribution and sync of big data

Icon representing transferring and distributing big files in banking and insurance

Banking and financial services

  • Ingest large volumes of data into cloud-based analytics platforms and high-performance computing (HPC) servers at maximum speed over global WANs.
  • Meet service-level agreements (SLAs) for large-batch deliveries (e.g., transactions, trades, policy changes) across global banking, trading and insurance systems, vendors and processing sites.
  • Reliably replicate and sync critical data over global WANs to significantly reduce recovery point and recovery time objectives and help ensure banking, trading and insurance applications keep running through a disaster.

Icon representing transferring and distributing big files in industrial technology

Industrial technology

  • Shorten development cycles and improve global collaboration by distributing and replicating large engineering files and critical test data anywhere.
  • Transfer petabytes of real-world video and HD map data collected by vehicles in hours rather than weeks to remote development teams working on next-gen software for self-driving cars.

  • Ingest TBs of data into HPC servers at maximum speed and quickly and securely deploy findings to remote engineers, production sites or corporate teams.

Icon representing transferring and distributing big files in life sciences and healthcare

Life sciences and healthcare

  • Sync terabytes of omics data across global labs in hours, not days, resulting in better use of specialized equipment.
  • Optimize medical device makers’ transfers of large CAD files, test cases, software code and engineering artifacts across global engineering teams, test facilities and manufacturing sites, keeping production moving around the clock.

  • Move large volumes of huge 3D image sets to remote computing sites, researchers and medical centers for faster analysis.

Aspera solution delivers critical data to NetApp customer support quickly

The NetApp customer success team benefits from automated workflows and transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than HTTPS. The Aspera solution also saved NetApp approximately $1 million by avoiding the build-out of a local storage site.

With the speed that Aspera FASP offers, you don't need a local ingest site. You can actually transfer data from anywhere in the world.

—Suresh Bahugudumbi, Senior Manager, NetApp

How customers use Aspera to transfer, distribute and sync

Vancouver-based Rainmaker Entertainment uses an Aspera solution for fast, secure transfers of large media files to and from clients, helping them to meet tight project deadlines.

Sports broadcasting company BT Sport optimizes disaster recovery with an Aspera solution that features high-speed ingest and distribution capabilities as well as automated workflows and data replication.

Afrostream uses an Aspera solution to accelerate transfer of local and international African and African-American content to and from its video-on-demand (VOD) platform.

Build a tailored solution for fast transfer, sync and distribution

IBM Aspera Enterprise Server

An industry-standard application for fast, reliable transfer of large files, directories and data sets over WANs.

IBM Aspera Connect Server

A universal file transfer solution enabled with web technology to give web applications the ability to facilitate high-speed transfers.

IBM Aspera faspex on Demand

Global, person-to-person high-speed file delivery and exchange for files and directories of any size with email-style workflow.

IBM Aspera Shares on Demand

Cloud-based solution that enables globally dispersed users and teams to share large files and directories.

IBM Aspera Sync

High-speed synchronization technology that replicates and synchronizes big data globally to support disaster recovery, file archiving and more.

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