What is Hardware Security Module?

Protection for encryption keys ensures your data stays protected wherever it resides. Provision in any IBM Cloud data center at one of the industry’s lowest HSM prices without long-term contracts, plus universal pricing for every cloud data center.

Hardware Security Module features

Compliance through customer control

Owning your encryption keys and controlling your data are crucial steps to meeting compliance standards, including PCI-DSS.

Scalable security

Partition your IBM Cloud HSM up to 100 times. One HSM can act as the root of trust that protects the cryptographic key lifecycle of hundreds of applications.

Secure management

Your IBM Cloud HSM is delivered in a factory state, so you’ll need to reset credentials during the first login. We’ll manage the IBM Cloud HSM without having access to your keys.

Hardware Security Module benefits

IBM Ecosystem

Organizations can use cryptographic resources stored in the highly secure IBM Cloud HSM for WebSphere— and more than 200 other IBM applications. 

Dedicated hardware performance

Physical HSM appliances easily handle the resource-intensive tasks of cryptography processing and reduce latency to applications.

Get started on Hardware Security Module in minutes

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