State and local government

Unlock the power of IBM Cloud to modernize IT and create next-generation citizen service

Secure cloud services for state and local agencies

State and local governments are on the front lines, supporting citizens who increasingly expect secure and innovative solutions. IBM Cloud offers government agencies more options to securely modernize existing applications and leverage data wherever it resides.

Why IBM Cloud is right for you

Security is a priority

Built with security in mind, IBM Cloud offers end-to-end continuous security for cloud-native and enterprise applications and data.

Unequaled expertise and skills

Just as you bring more applications to the cloud, IBM brings forth decades of expertise working with governments to deliver cost efficiencies and drive innovation.

Innovation to improve citizen experiences

Extract more meaning from data with AI solutions to automate processes and improve citizen services.

Open standards

IBM has taken a leadership role in running cloud applications on open source platforms, and assuring consistency and compatibility across all cloud platforms.

How IBM Cloud helps agencies modernize IT and improve citizen services

State of Ohio Computing Center

State of Ohio adopts private cloud and saves USD 103 million while improving security.

An obligation to future generations

An IBM study looks at changes being thrust upon government, including increasing security threats, rising digital expectations and new skills required to adopt cloud and emerging technologies, such as AI and blockchain.

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Ready to help you in your cloud journey

IBM Cloud is designed with secure and integrated solutions to help you do more with your data and applications.