Cloud for government

Sonoma County transforms how they care for vulnerable individuals and families

IBM’s solutions mean Sonoma can coordinate care across silos, engage with clients anywhere, anytime, and provide better care at lower cost, using secure data accessed from the cloud.

Government adoption of cloud and AI

IBM asked 169 federal IT professionals about their experience with cloud and AI. How does your agency measure up?

Digital transformation - reinventing the business of government

Governments need to digitally transform to deliver services citizens want and need. The public expects the agility and efficiency found in the private sector, and governments must embrace new technology, processes, ideas, and workforce skills to thrive.

Why IBM Cloud is right for you

Consistency and choice

One cloud architecture to deploy applications wherever you want — public, dedicated, bare metal, private, managed or VMware clouds.

Hybrid and multicloud

Simplify management and get complete visibility across your agency's multicloud environments.

AI enabled

Improve services for citizens by integrating AI and machine learning into your agency’s workloads.

Open source

The IBM Cloud platform's open source foundation provides agility and flexibility to put you in control.

Who we work with

US Army streamlines cargo delivery with IBM Watson®

The Army Airlift Clearance Authority in the United States uses AI enabled by IBM Cloud to identify $26 million in potential annual savings.

The CDC turns medical records into public health insights

Researchers with the Centers for Disease Control use IBM Blockchain to review electronic medical records and monitor public health.

State of Ohio Computing Center

State of Ohio adopts private cloud and saves USD 103 million while improving security.

How Seat Pleasant, Maryland, became a smart city

Using IBM Cloud, the city of Seat Pleasant slashed crime and accelerated response time to citizens' requests by 98 percent.

US Government contracts. Making it easier to do business with IBM.

Federal government contracts

Manage costs, transform processes, and meet agency needs through the products and services available through IBM's federal government-wide or agency-specific contracts and schedules.

State and local government contracts

IBM can provide you the best value for your procurement budget. Learn more about how you can work with IBM.

Security and compliance made easy

In this era of ever-present and changing cyber security attacks, security and compliance must continue to evolve to protect citizens and national security. IBM Cloud supports all major government standards and regulations to help agencies move applications to the cloud with confidence, backed by multiple, overlapping tiers of protection. When you’re managing multiple clouds, IBM provides full visibility and control across your cloud and data center infrastructure.

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