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What is IBM Globalization Pipeline?

IBM Globalization Pipeline is an IBM Cloud® service that enables app developers to seamlessly integrate translation into DevOps and continuous development infrastructures.

IBM Globalization Pipeline features

Choice of MT engines

Choose the IBM default MT engine, or integrate with Watson™ Language Translator and Capita TI SmartMate.

Professional human translation

Gain access to IBM's world-wide network of translators to bring professional translation quality to your application.

Integrate with DevOps

Don't let translation disrupt DevOps. Integrate Globalization Pipeline into your build and deploy infrastructure.

IBM Globalization Pipeline benefits

Fast to market

The faster you turn around translation in a continuous delivery world, the faster you reach your global customers.

Reduce costs

Eliminate manual translation management operations by integrating into DevOps.

Manage quality

When MT isn't appropriate, opt for a high quality professional human translation review.

IBM Globalization Pipeline versions

Standard plan

Includes machine translation, DevOps tools and SDKs.

Professional plan

Includes everything in the Standard plan, plus human translation.

Get started on IBM Globalization Pipeline in minutes

Create a Globalization Pipeline instance and upload a file in the dashboard to translate.