Build a database-driven Slackbot

Capitalize on the IBM Watson Assistant service and IBM Cloud Functions to create an AI-powered, conversation-based chatbot within Slack


Chatbots offer an efficient way to find and deliver information through AI-powered conversational queries. 

Learn how to build a chatbot that uses the IBM Watson® Assistant service to intelligently create and search IBM Db2® database entries for events and conferences. Deploy your bot on Slack as a community resource. 

Taking a serverless approach, you will integrate Slack and IBM Watson Assistant using a Conversation connector, which deploys IBM Cloud™ Functions and IBM Cloudant® for IBM Cloud.

Estimated time: 60 minutes

Number of steps: 28

Graph of chatbot function

What you’ll accomplish

In this project, you will: 

  • Build a Slackbot that can search a Db2 database for events and conferences
  • Integrate Slack and IBM Watson Assistant using a Conversation connector within a serverless environment
  • Create, deploy and bind Node.js actions in IBM Cloud Functions
  • Access the Db2 database from IBM Cloud Functions using Node.js

What you’ll need before starting

  • Install the latest version of the IBM Cloud CLI and the IBM Cloud Functions plug-in
  • Provide Node.js proficiency 

This tutorial uses the following runtimes and services:

  • Watson Assistant
  • Cloud Functions
  • Db2 Warehouse on Cloud
  • Cloudant for IBM Cloud

Build your own database-driven Slackbot

Combine the power of IBM Watson Assistant and IBM Cloud Functions to create a unique, AI-powered conversation-based chatbot within Slack

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