Gaming-as-a-service run in the cloud

Gamers need the most performance they can get their hands on. Gaming calls for a powerful, configurable cloud platform with a low latency network. Get the cloud infrastructure your users need for gaming around the world — without upgrading their hardware to get the processing power they want. Gaming on the IBM Cloud means a highly-optimized network, global data center presence and high-performance graphics processing unit (GPU) technology.

Experience world-class gaming on IBM Cloud

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Game powerfully

Bare metal servers are always running the latest technology to keep up with the most power-hungry games.

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Game faster

GPUs give gaming unmatched graphics with ultra-low latency streaming.

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Meet gamer demands

Use social cognitive analytics to understand your gamers and their needs.

Power up gaming delivery with cloud

In the gaming industry, the demand for cutting-edge capabilities creates a need for increasingly powerful hardware. To address the challenge, LiquidSky developed a solution designed to transform the standard gaming model, shifting hosting and delivery from a user’s local hardware to remote cloud infrastructure.

With IBM Cloud we can configure bare metal servers exactly the way we want. We’re able to get servers as close to our users as possible, wherever they are, to drive down latency.

—Ian McLoughlin, Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder, LiquidSky

Gaming in action on IBM Cloud

With LiquidSky on IBM Cloud, gamers can play anywhere at any time on any device. IBM global data centers minimize latency while bare metal servers provide powerful throughput.

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