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Exit Games, a software development company, sustains more than 130,000 game developers worldwide with the IBM Cloud infrastructure, which provides the performance, availability and support they need.

Electronic Arts Firemonkeys Studio developers teamed up with their peers at IBM to overcome vertical scaling limits by building a gaming platform on container technology and deploying it to a cloud infrastructure.

Spark creativity in your developers and engage your gaming community

IBM Cloud combines robust infrastructure that meets rigorous development, testing and production demands with enriching cognitive and analytics services, making it the ideal solution to help inspire your next great game.


Experience world-class gaming on IBM Cloud

Experience faster gaming on IBM Cloud.

Game faster

Reduce lag time and increase performance with globally available and rapidly scalable bare metal servers.

Build games smarter with IBM cloud.

Build smarter

Use the latest technologies to streamline development and explore fresh ideas.

Deploy and scale games as needed.

Meet gamer demands

Use social cognitive analytics to understand your gamers and their needs.

How can IBM Cloud help you make better games?

Improve games by using analytics.

“I want to improve my games and use analytics to discover opportunities to enhance.”

  • Deliver the performance your gamers expect using a robust cloud infrastructure that scales rapidly.
  • Use IBM Watson® to turn guesswork about your gamers into hard facts that can be used to improve your games.
  • Work with Watson to develop elements of the game for you, such as character dialogues, so you can get to market quicker.
Learn how IBM cloud can help you make better games.

“I need to improve code portability and platform scalability for faster development.”

  • Deploy a container-based platform that allows unprecedented scalability.
  • Use containers to maximize the portability of code for current and future releases.
  • Streamline the QA process by developing and testing within a container.

Multiplay gains performance and flexibility for global gaming

From gaming event services to hosting and developing, Multiplay uses a global cloud infrastructure to provide a reliable, scalable solution.

Build engaging games with IBM Cloud solutions


Augment your servers or build your own cloud infrastructure on a world-class, global bare metal network.

Watson on IBM Cloud

Embed cognitive and analytics capabilities for greater insight and improved decision making.


Explore the possibilities of containers for streamlining development time.

Learn more about gaming cloud solutions from IBM

Infographic: Learn more about gaming cloud solutions.

Gaming creators can maximize customer value using business analytics.

Video: Cyber defense training game.

CyberDefense training game uses Watson to compel users to dive into an otherwise overwhelming amount of data.

Case Study: Kuuluu partners with SoftLayer.

KUULUU discovers a gaming infrastructure that responds to the demands of beta testing, launch and downloads.

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