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How our customers use it

Serverless web application and API

Flowchart showing serverless web application and API process

Serverless web application and API

In this tutorial, you will create a serverless web application by hosting static website content on GitHub pages and implementing the application back end using IBM Cloud Functions.

Mobile application with a serverless back end

Architecture steps to getting a feedback app that analyzes tone of feedback text with appropriate response

Mobile application with a serverless back end

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use IBM Cloud Functions and cognitive and data services to build a serverless back end for a mobile application.

Make video searchable

Person working at desk with laptop and two monitors

Make video searchable

Using IBM Cloud Functions in combination with IBM Cloudant and IBM Watson® Visual Recognition, you can create an efficient, serverless architecture to search video content.



Actions exposed through API gateway

Icon showing the letters ‘API’ in a box

The API gateway enables you to easily expose your actions as RESTful endpoints.


Packages for common tasks

Icon showing three interlocking circles inside a larger circle

A package combines the actions and event-feed triggers necessary to accomplish a common set of tasks.

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