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Take your app to enterprise scale

Start for free with IBM® Cloudant® a fully managed, distributed database based on open source Apache CouchDB; it is optimized for heavy workloads and fast-growing web and mobile apps.

Web & mobile

Build e-commerce and other transactional apps with a database layer that is highly available, resilient and lightning fast.

Internet of Things

Store and analyze real-time data coming in simultaneously from thousands of internet-enabled devices all over the world.


Leave security patches, version upgrades and scalability to us. Concentrate on serving your users and growing your business.

How it works

Build on IBM Cloud for hyperscale, resilient, globally available applications.

Free NoSQL DBaaS

1 GB

Provision IBM Cloudant's Lite plan with no configuration required. Includes 1 GB of storage per month.

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Upgrade on your terms


Only pay for what you use beyond the Free Tier. No commitment. No contracts.

1 GB Storage - Free Forever

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