Augment existing AML transaction monitoring and sanctions screening systems with AI, advanced analytics, automation and machine learning capabilities to help financial institutions improve alert triage and investigative efficiencies. Using data from historical cases, analysis of entity and network risks and experienced-based machine learning, Financial Crimes Insight reduces false positives and prioritizes higher risk alerts that may otherwise have been missed. Reduce high operational cost of false positives by improving prediction accuracy and providing insights to operators to make better, faster decisions.

Speeds issue resolution

Automates extraction of case notes, memos and natural language data to improve productivity and reduce manual, time-consuming case work.

Leverages AI and machine learning

Uses Watson capabilities to uncover high risk attributes that may otherwise be missed as well as exonerating factors that provide transaction justification through contextual insights.

Reduces costs and compliance risks

Increases program and analyst effectiveness by creating greater standardization, consistency and efficiency resulting in lower costs and decreased compliance risks.

Why you need IBM Financial Crimes Insight for Alert Triage

  • Provide intelligent automation
  • Increase productivity with better prioritization
  • Derive powerful insights
  • Modernize AML with AI
  • A platform built for change
  • Your partner for success

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