The solution assesses risk and rates countries according to their risk of money laundering and terrorist financing. Each country is assigned a risk score, a rank, and a rating of high, medium, or low, based on cumulative weight of factors indicative of money laundering and terrorist financing. Rating compilations include:
- Comprehensive Coverage: Provides geographic risk scores for 281 sovereign and dependent states analyzing 83 data points using either a U.S. or non-U.S. scoring model
- Authoritative Sources: Compiles data from 18+ third-party data sources and seeks guidance and feedback from regulators and leading financial institutions

Product highlights

Current country level geographic risk

Frequent and periodic database updates enabling dynamic data for accurate risk ratings.

Standardized country risk ratings

Alignment of geographic ratings with over 70 financial institutions globally including broker dealers and several large banks using a tested methodology.

Improved analyst productivity

Reduced time spent on generating ratings and reviewing the results leading to more time for focusing on risk mitigation rather than risk assessment.

Geographic Risk Insight features

  • Frequently updated geographic risk ratings
  • Single page country scorecards
  • Customizable risk ratings
  • Sanctions and corruption specific ratings

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