With cloud-native dev, speed matters

IBM Cloud Event Notifications addresses the need for speed in cloud-native development by providing a central location for notification connection and routing between services or human operators automatically and rapidly enabling developers to decouple sources, destinations and code — modifying routes and filters quickly, with no impact to code.


Use cases

Hybrid financial actions

sideshot of a woman using a smarphone device

Hybrid financial transaction systems

A user initiates a wire transfer request via mobile app. Event Notifications routes that request to other services.

CI/CD pipeline security

a man using a pc device with a tablet device in his hands

CI/CD pipeline security scans

A user initiates or schedules a job for a security vulnerability check through Continuous Delivery toolchains.

Healthcare image processing

a man standing with a woman using a tablet device

Healthcare image processing

An app uploads an MRI scan to Cloud Object Storage. Event Notifications then sends out multiple texts as needed.

IoT smart appliances

woman using a washing machine

IoT smart appliances

An IoT “washing machine cycle” completes. Event Notifications send out texts and reports and archives the event.

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