What is IBM Cloud Event Management?

With IBM Cloud Event Management, you control and automate how you

•    Identify and prioritize operational incidents.

•    Notify the right people at the right time.

•    Guide and automate resolution activity.

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Help first responders restore service promptly

Quickly and effectively cut through 75% of the event noise to prioritize, diagnose, assign and resolve incidents from a single service.

Empower operations first responders to expedite response to and resolution of events.

Help first responders restore service promptly
Support continuous application rollouts into production

Support continuous application rollouts into production

Enable Ops and Dev to prepare for operational incidents.

Bridge the gap between Dev and Ops by automatically routing incidents, bringing together Dev and Ops teams to resolve complex faults last.

Empower Ops leaders to improve efficiency

Observe operational behavior and share subject matter knowledge where it is needed most.

Improve efficiency by turning knowledge and observed activity into guidance and automation, so incidents are resolved without intervention.

Empower Ops leaders to improve efficiency

Quickly and easily integrate event data from any monitoring, testing or deployment tool


Identify problems quickly

Automatically ingest thousands of events from a variety of sources, and consolidate them into prioritized incidents that indicate what is causing problems with your apps.

Cut through the noise

Prioritize, diagnose and resolve incidents quickly by assigning the right events to the right people without wasting time on false or duplicate alarms. Free up first responders to concentrate on events needing their attention, reducing mean time to resolution for all faults to your apps.

Analyze and improve operational health

Empower operations leaders to improve efficiency, observe behavior and capture knowledge, then turn these insights into operator guidance and automation so that incidents can be resolved more efficiently.

Improve responsiveness and control

Ready for immediate use, empowering teams at any stage of ops readiness/capability to quickly configure and maintain an integrated solution for events, runbooks and alerts within minutes from one platform.

IBM Cloud Event Management features

Ready-to-use, pre-set capabilities

Proven, industrial-strength scalability and an increased ability to improve efficiency immediately after integration.

A single solution

Ingest, correlate, notify and resolve operational incidents within minutes using one holistic solution.

Runbook automation

Create, manage and execute guided tasks and automated activity while improving collaboration among your team with features for rating and commenting.

Integrated notifications

Ensure the right person is notified at the right time, reducing noise from unnecessary or duplicate alerts.

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