What is IBM Cloud Event Management ?

With IBM Cloud Event Management, you control and automate how you

•    Identify and prioritize operational incidents

•    Notify the right people at the right time

•    Guide and automate resolution activity

Help first responders restore service promptly

Can quickly and effectively cut through 75% of the event noise to prioritize, diagnose, assign and resolve incidents from a single service.

Empower operations first responders to expedite response to and resolution of events.

Help first

Support continuous application rollouts into production

Enable Ops & Dev to prepare for operational incidents

Bridge the gap between Dev and Ops by Automatically routing incidents, bringing together Dev and Ops teams to resolve complex faults fast.  

Empower Ops leaders to improve efficiency

Observe operational behavior and share subject matter knowledge where it is needed most.

Improve efficiency by turning knowledge and observed activity into guidance and automation, so incidents are resolved without intervention.

Empower Ops

Quickly and easily integrate event data from any monitoring, testing, or deployment tool

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Fuel agile innovation

Event management cloud software facilitates close collaboration between teams, pinpointing underlying problems, so they can spend less time and resources on routine maintenance.

See a snapshot of events

With access to runbook solutions created by subject matter experts across multiple regions and time zones, solving complex as well as routine problems has never been easier.

Manage issues on one platform

Move beyond silos and empower cross-functional collaboration between Dev and Ops, and reduce pressure on overextended teams.

IBM Cloud Event Management features

Take intelligent action

Accelerate your DevOps team’s readiness and responsiveness. Empower DevOps first responders to resolve problems and restore service with little to no delay.

Restore service quickly

Resolve simple outages through automated responses. Free up your most skilled people to work on events that require more involved intervention.

Optimize your operations

Maximize Your DevOps Success

Enhance efficiency throughout your software delivery lifecycle. Gain deep insights into events and create automated parameters to resolve them in the future.

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