Act on data at the source

IBM Edge Computing is an advanced platform supporting real-time AI, 5G and IoT applications. Deploy and remotely manage these applications more securely — on edge devices, servers and gateways across hybrid, multicloud environments. Unlock joint value spanning telecommunication providers and enterprises.

Where high performance and timely actions are critical at the source of data creation, IBM Edge Computing delivers more secure, autonomous management and governance capabilities for managing and scaling workloads across connected-enterprise and Industry 4.0 applications.

IBM Edge Computing provides a full range of deployment flexibility to manage, move and secure workloads. It can be deployed as either a full or light-stack Kubernetes cluster on edge servers and gateways or lightweight dockerized containers on edge devices.

The platform runs on Red Hat® OpenShift® — operating on any hybrid, multicloud environment.

What is edge computing?

Key capabilities


Embraces open technology and offers portability across private, public and edge environments.


Includes built-in security features to minimize workload tampering, maintain isolation for multiple stakeholders and limit data exposure for privacy.


Helps you manage edge workloads at massive scale with visibility, control and automation.


Extends existing and emerging enterprise, 5G and cognitive solutions.


Bring your cloud and AI to the edge

Take real-time action on the data that most impacts your business.

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