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Enable end users to work from anywhere without sacrificing performance or protection
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What is Dizzion Managed DaaS on IBM Cloud®?

Dizzion Managed DaaS on IBM Cloud is managed desktops as a service on IBM Cloud.

Dizzion Managed DaaS on IBM Cloud can help enterprises build an agile, long-term remote work environment, using cloud desktops to optimize end-user performance, security and compliance. The solution can support a variety of challenging use cases, including streaming voice and video, compliant personal devices, and media-intense workloads.

Benefits Satisfied end users

Allow users to work anywhere, while ensuring performance and access.


Maintain compliance and keep data secure, even on personal devices.

Agility and scalability

Get remote work solutions to market and respond to change faster.

Real-time insights

Get real-time data for trend analysis and informed decisions.

Features of Dizzion Managed DaaS on IBM Cloud Choice of management levels

Dizzion can manage as much or as little as you want.

Performance add-ons

Offer end users NVIDIA GPUs, app streaming and more.

How it's used Desktops in the cloud

Dizzion Managed DaaS on IBM Cloud is like a streaming service for desktops. Your end users can access their desktops on any device, with a user experience that’s comparable to being in the office.

Turnkey remote work

Choose the fully managed cloud desktop option and let Dizzion handle everything for you. This includes the desktop builds, managing the underlying IBM Cloud infrastructure and a long list of services.

Global DaaS delivery

Choose from any of 43 global IBM Cloud data center locations, and get consistent performance and reliability no matter where you deploy.

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