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IBM Cloud® partners with industry-leading data center operators and service providers to offer security-rich connections to the IBM Cloud. The IBM Cloud Direct Link Service Provider Program allows IBM clients to select from a growing ecosystem of local and global providers — thereby creating the private connections to IBM Cloud that best suit their applications’ needs.

IBM Cloud service providers benefit from technical enablement and training to help them give their customers the services they need for reliable hybrid cloud connectivity from all corners of the globe. IBM enterprise customers have greater choice to select the right partner, speed of service, location and deployment model to create a security-rich, highly available hybrid connection for their workloads.

Find available IBM Cloud Network Service Providers by origination and destination through Cloud Pathfinder for IBM (link resides outside IBM).

Cloud Pathfinder for IBM

Find available IBM Cloud network service providers by origination and destination through Cloud Pathfinder for IBM.

Ascenty logo

Ascenty, a Digital Realty and Brookfield company, is Latin America’s largest data center provider, with 17 data centers interconnected by a dedicated fiber-optic network spanning 4,500 kilometers. The company has developed and operated world-class data centers since 2010, serving some of the world’s largest technology companies.

AT&T logo

Empower your workforce with a scalable, predictable and security-rich connection to the IBM Cloud with AT&T NetBond for Cloud. AT&T delivers the best of both worlds: The performance and security of a private network, with the flexibility and efficiency of the cloud.


AT TOKYO is a major connectivity hub and key data center service provider in Japan. They are host to over 1,000 companies, with carriers, IXs, ISPs, finance and OTT players leveraging their connectivity to create new value opportunities.

Bell logo

The IBM Cloud is even better with the Bell network. With Bell Cloud Connect, an end-to-end, fully managed IP network solution, you can connect confidently to the IBM Cloud over Bell's private, dedicated network.

British Telecom logo

British Telecom
BT is a leading global business communications provider. With more than 17,000 people worldwide, BT supplies information and communications technology services to 5,500 multinational companies across 180 countries.

Chief Telecom Logo

Chief Telecom
Chief Telecom is the leading IDC, MPLS VPN, voice, cloud and value-added network service provider in Taiwan. It offers a global network, professional communications integration technology, and Taiwan's largest internet exchange and cloud exchange center. It provides a total solution and diversified business model to help customers improve their operational efficiency and enhance competitive advantage.

Cologix logo

Cologix has network-neutral data centers in nine strategic North American edge markets, enabling low-latency connectivity to IBM Cloud Direct Link and the most robust network choice in those regions.

Colt logo

Colt provides world-class network and communications services to information-intensive businesses across Europe, Asia and North America, providing business-grade access to IBM Cloud.


CyrusOne specializes in providing highly reliable, flexible and scalable enterprise data center colocation that meets the specific needs of its customers. It operates a broad portfolio of carrier-neutral data center facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia.

DE-CIX logo

DE-CIX – the world’s leading internet exchange (IX) operator – provides premium interconnection services and runs a range of carrier-neutral and data center-neutral IXs globally. DE-CIX serves more than 1,500 carriers, ISPs and content networks from more than 100 countries, including all leading international players in Europe, the Middle East, India and North America.

Digital Realty logo

Digital Realty
Digital Realty supports the data center, colocation and interconnection strategies of more than 2,300 firms with a security-rich, network-rich portfolio of data centers. These data centers are located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Epsilon logo

To simplify the way its partners connect, Epsilon delivers global connectivity and communications services through and to multiple segments and channels on demand, via automation, portals and APIs.

Equinix logo

Equinix connects the world's leading businesses to their customers and partners inside the most interconnected data centers. Equinix is where companies come together to realize new opportunities and accelerate their business, IT and cloud strategies.

euNetworks logo

euNetworks is a Western European provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, delivering scalable, fiber-based solutions to customers who are at the center of technology transformation. Core to the company’s belief is that bandwidth changes everything, connecting everybody to everything, making anything possible. euNetworks leads the market in data center connectivity, directly connecting over 420 in Europe, and offers security-rich, high-performance network connections to IBM Cloud and other leading cloud platforms.

InterCloud logo

InterCloud makes access to cloud applications for multinationals easier and more reliable. By leveraging IBM Cloud Direct Link with InterCloud, enterprises are able to commit on performances and availability of mission-critical cloud applications.

Interxion logo

Interxion is a provider of carrier-neutral and cloud-neutral colocation data center services. It offers access to IBM Cloud Direct Link from more than 45 data centers in 11 European countries through Cloud Connect, its cloud interconnection platform.

IX Reach Logo

IX Reach
IX Reach offers connectivity into and between all major cloud service providers through its SDN Cloud Connect service. It offers connectivity to key internet exchanges with Remote Peering, and point-to-point connections to more than 240 data centers across North America, Europe and Asia.

Kinx logo

KINX Inc. offers efficient carrier-neutral solutions in South Korea, operating an L2-based IX and data centers. The CloudHub service offers access to top cloud providers such as IBM Cloud Direct Link over a single connection. With points of presence (PoPs) in Japan and Hong Kong, KINX connects customers from around the world.

Lumen logo

Lumen is a fast and highly secure platform for enterprise applications and data. Lumen's Cloud Connect Solutions deliver highly secure, high-performance and enterprise-grade networking connections to IBM Cloud. Their global reach and extensive connectivity options meet today's cloud business requirements. Lumen offers traditional Waves, Ethernet, and IPVPN connections to the cloud, as well as real-time creation and deletion of private data connections with Dynamic Connections.

megaport logo

Megaport is the global leader in elastic interconnection. Megaport’s SDN-enabled service allows you to rapidly connect to a deep services ecosystem. Control your services through a portal, API or mobile app.

Neutrona logo

Neutrona provides managed SD-WAN, MPLS or hybrid networks and private cloud connect services to the world’s largest telecommunications operators and regional and global enterprises based in the Americas. Through an extensive network of local carrier interconnections and partnerships with top cloud service providers, Neutrona promises access to every major city throughout the Americas.

PacketFabric logo

PacketFabric is a network-as-a-service platform, combining SDN-based architecture with the latest in optical and packet-switching technologies. PacketFabric empowers users to instantly provision direct, security-rich and private connectivity through a web portal or API.

PCCW logo

Backed by PCCW Global, a telecommunications group with a tier 1 global IP network spanning 150 countries, Console Connect helps IBM Cloud users create security-rich direct connections in a few clicks.

QTS Logo

QTS is a leading provider of hyperscale and hybrid colocation data center solutions, with more than 6 million square feet of owned megascale data center space. QTS is committed to providing unparalleled operational maturity, world-class customer service, industry-first innovation, and leading environmental and sustainability stewardship.

SES Networks logo

SES Networks
SES Networks offers resilient, scalable and complementary global connectivity and edge IaaS solutions with IBM Cloud Direct Link. Over 62 government customers worldwide use SES Networks’ disruptive network technologies to power improved digital experiences for new markets and segments.

SoftBank logo

As a telecommunication business expert, SoftBank Corp. differentiates itself through price competitiveness, network reliability and ICT solutions, building on its trusted reputation and strong track record. SoftBank provides Smart VPN, a VPN service developed around the cloud-ready concept.

Tata Communications logo

Tata Communications
The Tata global network encompasses one of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks. It also offers a Tier-1 IP network, connectivity to more than 200 countries across 400 PoPs and more than 1 million square feet of data center space.

Telia logo

Telia Carrier
Part of Telia Company, Telia Carrier is a leading global wholesale carrier, providing business-critical networking services to operators, content providers and enterprises. The Telia network connects over 230 PoPs across 110 cities globally.

TOKAI logo

TOKAI Communications Corporation has been providing IBM Cloud Direct Link service since 2014. In addition to assisting with customer network design, TOKAI also connects between your on-premises site and the IBM Cloud with a security-rich, high-quality dedicated network.

Verizon logo

With Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect, you can connect to the IBM Cloud from your corporate WAN simply, securely and reliably by creating scalable connections that are completely separated from the public internet.

Zayo logo

Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. provides communications infrastructure services, including fiber and bandwidth connectivity, colocation and cloud services, to the world’s leading businesses. Zayo’s network in North America and Europe includes metro connectivity to thousands of buildings and data centers. As part of Zayo’s connectivity offering, Zayo CloudLink provides direct connectivity from customer locations to over 50 cloud providers and hundreds of global cloud access points.

zenlayer logo

Zenlayer Inc
Zenlayer works for a world where connections between cloud, business and people embody the principles of Zen — simple and effortless. They seek to build the best service platform for powering a better-connected world. They want to take the extra steps to service and impress our customers, vendors and team members. And, finally, to use their knowledge to reduce costs and provide the best value.

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