What is Direct Link?

Experience unparalleled network performance when you connect to the IBM Cloud private network with Direct Link (DL) via your Network Service Provider, Cloud Exchange Provider, or Colocation Provider.

Direct Link features


Move data to and from your on-premises data center across 1Gbps or 10Gbps network connections.


Protect your sensitive, business-critical data by controlling every hop of its network path.


Save on data transfer to and from your servers in every IBM Cloud data center across our private network.

Direct Link benefits

Super Secure Data

Customers moving sensitive financial, health, or government-regulated data to and from the IBM Cloud platform can further ensure its security by completely avoiding exposure to the public Internet at

Designed for Massive Backup and Storage

Back up or store huge volumes of data from your data center on IBM Cloud without paying for bandwidth. With a dedicated network connection your transfer rates will be fast, consistent and reliable.

Direct Link NSP

Create a single-cloud fiber cross-connection via a Network Service Provider (NSP) in an IBM Cloud network point of presence (PoP).

Get Started with Direct Link

To order a Direct Link, navigate to the “Network” tab in the customer portal and select the “Direct Link” option.