What is Direct Link?

IBM Cloud Direct Link lets you experience unparalleled network performance when you connect to the IBM global private network via an industry-leading Exchange, Dedicated or Dedicated Hosting provider.


Protect your sensitive, business-critical data by controlling every hop of its network path and avoiding exposure to the public internet.

Consistent performance

As a routed, OSI Layer-3 service, IBM Cloud Direct Link offers a direct connection to the IBM Cloud private network backbone with low latency and speeds up to 10 Gbps.


Designed for customers that need more consistent, higher-throughput connectivity between a remote network and their IBM Cloud environments.

How customers use it

Transfer of sensitive data

Customers moving sensitive financial, health or government-regulated data to and from the IBM Cloud platform helps ensure its security with IBM Cloud Direct Link.

Image representing secure data transfers for sensitive industries

Backup and storage of massive amounts of data

Back up or store huge volumes of data from your data center on IBM Cloud without paying for bandwidth. With a dedicated network connection, your transfer rates will be fast, consistent, and reliable.

Image representing secure data transfers for storage and backup of massive amounts of data

IBM Cloud Direct Link benefits

Hybrid connectivity

IBM Cloud Direct Link enables customers to create private connections between their remote network environments and their IBM Cloud deployments to support hybrid workloads.

Global reach

IBM's constantly expanding availability with industry-leading providers delivers an end-to-end service across regions around the globe.

Flexible pricing options

From 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps, multiple port speeds are available at predicable pricing models that fit every budget, from small business to enterprise-scale organizations.

Lower latency

With a direct connection to the IBM Cloud private network backbone, you now have a cost-effective option for moving large amounts of data for high-performance computing.

Get started with IBM Cloud Direct Link

Achieve fast, secure and reliable performance to support your hybrid workloads.