What is IBM Cloud Direct Link?

Use IBM Cloud® Direct Link to seamlessly connect your on-premises resources to your cloud resources. The speed and reliability of IBM Cloud Direct Link lets you extend your organization’s data center network and offers consistent, higher-throughput connectivity — without touching the public internet.

Delivering interconnectivity

Private connectivity options

IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated makes it easier to establish a single-cloud fiber cross connection in an IBM Cloud network point of presence (PoP). If you can’t connect at an IBM PoP or don’t need quite so much bandwidth, you can use IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect to connect to IBM Cloud through a supported service provider.

Connect to your IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

IBM Cloud Direct Link provides low latency, highly available connections so you can reliably transfer data between your on-premises and IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud networks. Your VPC network's IP addresses are then directly accessible from your on-premises network.

Access IBM Cloud services

IBM Cloud Direct Link offers direct connection to IBM Cloud services, such as VPC, bare metal compute, VMware, and cloud storage — making it easier to take advantage of the benefits of cloud while maximizing the value of your existing investments.

How customers use it

Extend and connect your on-premises resources

Use IBM Cloud Direct Link to connect and add resource capacity to your existing data centers.

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Use IBM Cloud for storage, backup and disaster recovery

IBM Cloud Direct Link is ideal for data migration, replication for business continuity and disaster recovery, and to back up or store data from your data center to IBM Cloud.

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Connect your IBM Cloud infrastructure to other clouds

Use IBM Cloud Direct Link connections from the IBM Cloud directly to a service provider-managed WAN or a client-managed cloud backbone to facilitate multicloud connectivity.

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IBM Cloud Direct Link offerings

IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect

Leverage a service provider to quickly establish and deliver connectivity to IBM Cloud locations. This is ideal for multicloud environments with your service provider's network.

IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated

Terminate a single-tenant, fiber-based, cross-connect into your own IBM Cloud private network connection. Also used by colocation facilities adjacent to IBM Cloud PoPs and data centers.

IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated Hosting on Classic

Connectivity similar to IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated, combined with colocation adjacent to an IBM Cloud data center. Dual, diverse direct links ensure maximum uptime.

IBM Cloud Direct Link Exchange on Classic

Gain private access to your IBM Cloud infrastructure, as well as other colocated enterprises and clouds through your Exchange provider. This is ideal for multicloud connectivity in a single environment.

Why IBM Cloud Direct Link

Consistent network performance

Traffic between your on-premises and IBM Cloud networks doesn’t touch the public internet. This means your traffic makes fewer network hops and has fewer points of failure where connections can be disrupted or dropped. IBM Cloud data centers and PoPs are connected by a private network backbone so traffic stays exclusively on the IBM Cloud network when it travels between facilities.

Scalable connection capacity

With options from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps, IBM Cloud Direct Link delivers the right amount of bandwidth to your organization. You can easily provision multiple connections as additional capacity is needed.

Global reach

With IBM Cloud Direct Link global routing capabilities, you get connectivity to regions around the globe from a single IBM Cloud Direct Link connection. You can also take advantage of IBM Cloud Direct Link service provider partners to establish more secure interconnectivity for your workloads around the globe.

Pricing and documentation

IBM Cloud Direct Link

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IBM Cloud Direct Link on Classic

Learn more about IBM Cloud Direct Link on Classic.

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