What is process mapping?

Process mapping is the first step in a process automaton strategy. It’s an approach for non-technical business people to work across departments and functions to document their current business processes and operational decisions, and to discover new opportunities for innovation.

Elevations Credit Union (ECU) used the IBM Blueworks Live™ cloud-based offering to document and link processes, gaining a more comprehensive understanding of its interdependent procedures.


Increase in loan-underwriter productivity at Elevations Credit Union

Why is process mapping important for my business?

Process mapping enables you to gain a much better understanding of your business processes and decisions, and to identify specific areas that are ripe for automation.

With a collaborative approach to process mapping, subject matter experts from multiple areas of the business can work together in a virtual environment to document and improve the business processes and customer journeys that run your business.

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Increase your organization’s efficiency and process effectiveness.

Enable users to quickly and easily analyze business processes and identify areas of improvement.

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Engage line of business users in process mapping, without the need for any formal training.

What capabilities do I need for process mapping?

Process mapping is composed of two main capabilities — collaborative process mapping and decision modeling.

Collaborative process mapping enables subject matter experts to collectively understand and document the individual activities that make up a business process.

Decision modeling enables non-technical business people to create models of operational decisions, using business rules and decision tables.

How do I get started with process mapping?

Whether you’re a small company or a large organization; whether you want to implement within a single department or across your enterprise; you can get started quickly with IBM’s cloud-based process mapping/discovery tool, IBM Blueworks Live™

Why IBM Blueworks Live for process mapping?

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Market leader

IBM has the only fully collaborative SaaS-based process modeling capability in the market.

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100,000 users

IBM already has 100,000 collaborative process modeling users, including:

  • Five of the top 10 global banks
  • Seven of the top 20 global retailers

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