IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud features

Unmatched query processing with BLU Acceleration

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is built on IBM BLU Acceleration, a set of technologies that combine in-memory processing of columnar data, compression, and intelligent data skipping to significantly improve analytical query performance.

Fully managed, safe, and secure

Your Db2 Warehouse on Cloud instance is managed, monitored, encrypted and backed-up by IBM, so you can focus on gaining insights from your data instead of administering it.

Embedded IBM Netezza-like in-database analytics

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud comes packed with a suite of Netezza-like in-database analytics tools so you can run your analytics jobs wherever your data resides.  Algorithms include linear regression, decision tree clustering, k-means clustering, and ESRI-compatible geospatial extensions.

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