Migration assistance

IBM can help with migration assistance, licensing exchanges and special pricing

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud features

Elastic scaling of storage and compute

Easily scale your cloud data warehouse up or down by way of the console or REST API to meet the needs of your business, while adjusting compute and storage resources to meet performance requirements and optimize costs.

Self-service backup and restore

Schedule backups based on your business requirements, and retain up to seven backups that can be used to quickly restore your cluster, if the need arises.

Built on the Db2 Common SQL Engine

Write SQL for your application or dashboard, and easily deploy to any form factor. For example, reports written to work with the IBM Integrated Analytics System can seamlessly work against data stored in IBM Db2® Warehouse on Cloud or Db2 Warehouse.

Blazing fast analytics with IBM BLU Acceleration

With IBM BLU Acceleration®, you can take advantage of a collection of key technologies developed by IBM Research. These include in-memory processing for faster access to data; actionable compression, which allows querying of data, without decompression; and data skipping that pulls from disk only the data required to satisfy the query. You gain faster access to insights from even your largest data sets.

Compatible with Netezza and Oracle

Nearly all of your Netezza® and Oracle workloads will move seamlessly over to Db2 Warehouse on Cloud. For the select few edge cases, IBM offers migration services and free tooling to help you make a smooth transition.

Expertly-managed and highly secure

Your cloud data warehouse instance is managed, monitored, encrypted and backed up by IBM, so you can focus on data analysis instead of administration. In addition, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud clients automatically receive new features and capabilities, when they're made available.

Embedded IBM Netezza-like in-database analytics

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud comes packed with a suite of Netezza-like in-database analytics tools, so you can run your analytics jobs wherever your data resides. Algorithms include linear regression, decision-tree clustering, k-means clustering and ESRI-compatible geospatial extensions.

Private networking option

For clients needing to restrict access to their data, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud can be deployed on an isolated network that's accessible through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Included in Db2 on Cloud BYOL (Bring Your Own License) program

Announcement Letter 218-145 (PDF, 71 KB)

IBM offers true hybrid capabilities by providing select Db2 on Cloud and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud services at a reduced cost to clients already holding entitlements for Db2 Developer, Db2 Advanced Edition and Db2 Workgroup Edition.

Proof of concepts

Did you know that IBM offers proof of concepts for Db2 Warehouse on Cloud?