What is IBM Db2 on Cloud?

IBM Db2® on Cloud is a cloud database built for robust performance, providing a high-availability option with a 99.99 percent uptime SLA. Scale up or down as needed, and leverage rolling security updates for peace of mind.

Db2 on Cloud is now part of IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform.

Db2 on Cloud features

Agility and speed

Db2 on Cloud is a fully managed database on cloud. Scale CPU up or down and pay for what you use on a daily basis. You can also scale CPU and storage independently.

Compatibility and connectivity

Db2 on Cloud enables you to move your database on cloud with Db2 and Oracle PL/SQL compatibility, and offers support for numerous data connectivity methods and types, including data federation.

Encryption and security

Db2 on Cloud helps you comply with data protection laws, and includes at-rest database encryption and SSL connections. High-availability plans provide seamless rolling security updates.

Included in Db2 on Cloud BYOL (bring your own license) program

IBM offers true hybrid capabilities by providing access to select Db2 on Cloud and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud services at a reduced cost for clients already holding entitlements for Db2 Developer, Db2 Advanced Edition and Db2 Workgroup Edition.

Disaster recovery for your cloud database across multiple data centers

To ensure the highest levels of availability, you can select an offsite data center for failover with just a few clicks.

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