How does your 7-day free trial work?

To use the 7-day trial, you must (a) be signed up on IBM Cloud, (b) have a valid payment method, such as a credit card, attached to your account. Finally, (c) create a Db2 on Cloud Flex instance. Your first 7 days are free with 1 core.

Is the Db2 on Cloud trial part of IBM Cloud's free trial?

No. The Db2 on Cloud free trial is separate than the IBM Cloud trial. Because it provisions dedicated virtual machine resources, it requires a credit card or valid IBM Cloud payment method on file for verification. Unlike the IBM Cloud free trial, with Db2 on Cloud, you can create one new 7-day free trial on Db2 on Cloud every month.

Can I create multiple free trials?

IBM is currently limiting the Db2 on Cloud free trial to 1 free trial per IBM Cloud account per month. That way, each month, you can use a free trial to evaluate Db2 on Cloud for a new project.

Does a customer receive any kind of notification before the 7th day that it's transitioning from free to paid?

No, there is no email notification at this time.

Does the customer pay for only the days after the 7-day trial ends? E.g. if they cancel on day 10, are they charged for 10 days or 3 days?

It’s free for 7 days. Billing begins on day 8. In the case where they use it for 10 days, they are billed for 3 days, and the first 7 are free.

Does the 7 days free apply to high availability instances as well? Will it work with other configurations, like Oracle compatible instances?  Will it work with any IBM Cloud location?

Yes. Anything on the Flex plan qualifies for the free trial. However, you will incur a cost if you scale beyond 1 core/4GB RAM and 2 GB of storage.

How can I set up a free, local development environment for Db2 on Cloud?

To set up a free local development environment, use IBM Db2 Developer Edition. It’s completely free for development use.

How does your daily billing work?

For the smaller plan, you are billed only for each day the service is used. For example, if the cost is $250 USD per month, you will be billed approximately $8.33 per day. You will receive your bill at the end of a 30-day period.

Does scaling on the Flex plan require downtime?

Scaling up and down CPU on the Flex plan does not require downtime on high availability plans. Single server plans will require approximately 20 minutes of downtime. For details, see this developerWorks article.

How does HA (high availability) work?

The high availability option provides a second server which immediately takes over should there be failures in the primary server.

HA is done using elastic IP technology, making it easy to integrate into your application. However, you should add logic to respond to the Db2 failure code to maintain the maximum uptime during an unavailability event.

For details, see this post on dwAnswers.

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